VAVVY BABY Tooth Box for baby milk teeth -Tooth Fairy Box- Tooth keepsake- Milk teeth save organizer- Baby Boy Blonde

✓Talk about the most precious keepsake box for your baby’s teeth! Keep all those precious baby teeth from your bundle of joy in this darling keepsake box that will be enjoyed by the whole family.

✓They grow up so fast don’t they? One minute they’re a babe at the breast, the next they’re off to college! Preserve all those little milestones that make childhood so special with this darling tooth fairy box.

✓ Available in four designs; blond-haired boy, blond girl, brunette girl and brunette boy.

✓This is a beautifully crafted keepsake box. Made of lightweight but robust pinewood with durable hinges. This tooth fairy box will provide years of cherished memories.

✓Exclusive to this product is a tooth fairy pouch which can be tucked under your child’s pillow at night with teeth in exchange for quarters, dollars, credit cards or whatever method of payment tooth fairies accept nowadays.

✓This delightful baby tooth keepsake box also has practical uses. You can safely store your infant’s primary teeth if needed for stem cell research applications. There is even ample room for the umbilical cord and those first angelic wisps of baby hair.

✓ This box comes complete with tweezers and cotton balls. You won’t find a baby tooth keepsake box like this anywhere else!

✓ Our colors are far more vibrant than our competitors, and our quality has yet to be matched.

✓When it comes to preserving those cherished moments, this tooth fairy box fits the bill perfectly.

✓Order your Vavvy Baby tooth keepsake box today and don’t let a single moment of those joyous early years slip through your fingers.

Product Features

  •  Is your child growing up too fast? Safely carry and preserve your kid’s first teeth in this meticulously design wooden tooth keepsake box.
  •  Comes with a special ‘tooth fairy pouch’ to be placed under your child’s pillow. You won’t find this accessory anywhere else.
  •  Attractively designed with angelic faces and stimulating color schemes. It comes in boy or a girl, blonde and brunette.
  •  Personalize this box writing baby’s personal information, like name, birth weight or even blood type! You can also storage Lanugo (aka baby’s first hair) and umbilical cord.
  •  Makes an innovative and ideal baby shower gift, birthday, Christmas and more!

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