Elenco Teach Tech SolarBot.14, Transforming Solar Robot Kit, STEM Learning Toys for Kids 10+

“The SolarBot.14 is a unique bot that can be built and rebuilt into 14 different robots. The detailed instructions take you through each step. Your SolarBot.14 kit contains unique components and parts to build robots that operate on land water. With the included photovoltaic cell, these solar toys are completely solar-powered. No batteries required! Models are divided into two skill levels; Level One includes: Tortoise BOT, Bug BOT, Four BOT, Paddle BOT, Walker-BOT, K9BOT, and Big Wheeler BOT. Level Two contains more challenging builds: Tumbler BOAT, Car BOAT, Slinker BOAT, Surface BOAT, Monster BOAT, Crabby BOAT and Rowing BOAT. Elenco Teach products are based on STEM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) to teach and encourage kids in their development, all while having fun! All Teach Tech Green-Energy robots are powered by either water, wind, or sun, so there are no batteries required. Perfect for future engineers ages 10+.”

Product Features

  • 14 in 1 different Robots that can operate on land water!
  • This solar powered robotic kit can be built into 14 different Robots, powered by the sun!
  • Future engineers will have endless fun building, rebuilding, and learning about solar power.
  • Solarbot. 14 is divided into two skill levels, so your young Builder is able to grow in their skills.
  • Learn by doing. Perfect for future engineers ages 10+.

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The Miracle of Stem Cells: How Adult Stem Cells Are Transforming Medicine

The book the stunned the medicine world. A classic in its field. Timeless words that will echo in the future.

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Cells Are the New Cure: The Cutting-Edge Medical Breakthroughs That Are Transforming Our Health

Promising treatments now in more than 35,000 clinical trials could have dramatic impacts on cancer, autoimmune diseases, organ replacement, heart disease, and even aging itself. These treatments, which are saving the lives of patients in the trials, will soon be rolled to the medical community at large.

The key to these breakthroughs is the use of living cells as medicine instead of traditional drugs. Research has found that our bodies are virtual treasure troves of adult cells that act as agents of remarkable healing and repair. These cells have been called adult stem cells because they resemble embryonic cells in their ability to transform into many other cell types but without the ethical and moral concerns of embryonic cells.

Adult cells can reprogram cells to work more efficiently. They can also carry edited genetic code to repair mistakes, and deliver targeted therapies, allowing them to address and even cure many diseases affecting children and adults.

The applications of these cellular therapies are broad and growing. Regenerative medicine allows doctors to repair injured and aging tissues and, incredibly, to create artificial body parts and organs in the lab.

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