Cell Structure and Processes Posters, Set/4 – Laminated, Full-Color, 23″ x 35″

The NewPath 34-9701 Cell Structure and Processes Poster Set features 4 posters, each focused on a key Science curriculum concept. Together, they provide a graphic overview of the following: Stem Cells; Cells; Osmosis and Diffusion; and Mitosis and Meiosis. Posters are laminated for years of use. Size: 23″ x 35″ each.

Product Features

  • Large reference posters features detailed illustrations to facilitate comprehension of key, standards-based Science concepts
  • Each poster is full-sized 23″ x 35″
  • Posters are laminated for years of use
  • Set of 4 individual posters

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Organoids: Stem Cells, Structure, and Function (Methods in Molecular Biology)

This detailed volume addresses the challenge of how to instruct stem/early progenitor cells to progress through appropriate steps to generate functional 3-dimensional organs, one of the outstanding issues in regenerative medicine. The field of organoids is geared towards defining and demonstrating the in vitro conditions that achieve this goal. Written for the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series, chapters include introductions to their respective topics, lists of the necessary materials and reagents, step-by-step, readily reproducible laboratory protocols, and tips on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls. 

Comprehensive and cutting-edge, Organoids: Stem Cells, Structure, and Function serves as an aid to researchers working in this vital area of research.

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The Structure, Form and Development of the Grasses – With Information on Roots, Stems, the Leaf, Cells and Other Aspects of Plant Biology

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