The stem cell controversy: What’s it?

Have you heard of the stem cell controversy? Well, the research on this subject was actually aimed to find cure for so many types of diseases. In fact, growing limbs, healing bones or the spinal cord, healing various organs, growing new skin on the bodies of people who got their skin burnt seem to be possible with the help of this cure. The possibilities are endless as per what the research till now suggests. If that is so, why is there a controversy and why is this particular topic attracting negative attention from all circles?

stem cell controversy

In fact, the stem cell controversy had garnered negative attention in the last few years and it has quite a lot of advocates as well as opponents. Well, the main reason for the controversy is the method which is generally employed to obtain the cells in order to carry out with the whole process. The method involved seems to be controversial. The whole process involves converting cells into tissues in several parts of the body. In the initial process, the cells that are required to go ahead with the process were obtained from an aborted embryo which is a result of fertility treatment. So, it means that the batch of stem cells is actually obtained by destroying an embryo and this whole process is actually considered as a sin.

This is the reason why there is lots of opposition predominantly from the religious groups. Of course, in many countries this is against the sentiments of the common man too. At a particular phase, even the research was halted because of the opposition and criticism this method has actually faced. Even the funding process for the research had been halted several times whenever the pressure increased from various opposition groups. Such conditions have actually forced the scientists to research for other alternatives. Maybe that is the reason why scientists have come up with another alternative which would be extraction of multi-potent cells. They can be found in several parts of the body like the bone marrow and the skin.

Of course, such cells must also be manipulated in the laboratory before they become eligible to carry on with the treatment process. As this process does not involve destruction of an embryo, this method was not so opposed by the opposition groups. Frankly speaking, destruction of an embryo implies destruction of an unborn life. In order to obtain batches of cells, killing an embryo seemed to be the fuel for many hot discussions and controversies. Right now, research on the subject is still considered to be in its preliminary stages and that is the reason why it is better to wait for some more time to conclude that alternative methods really work well for the treatment process. If such methods really work as per expectations, then lots of diseases and illnesses can be cured successfully with this kind of a treatment. This is the reason why, scientists are constantly working on finding more methods which are less controversial and more trustworthy.