Stem Cells Are Everywhere

An engaging introduction to stem cells for young scientists
How do you heal when you cut your skin or break a bone? How does your body keep making new blood or brain cells, or even second teeth? How does a plant keep growing larger? The answers lie in stem cells, which are found in every growing plant and animal. Keeping the subject simple enough for young readers, a pioneer of stem cell research explains cells, tissues, normal growth, what can go wrong, and how to fix it.

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What is the Controversy Over Stem Cell Research? (Sci-Hi: Science Issues)

This book explains what stem cells are, where they come from, and what doctors and scientists hope to be able to do with them. If they’re so useful, why is there so much controversy over their use? Are their any viable alternatives?

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Glymed Plus Cell Science Stem Cell Power Serum 1 oz

Glymed PlusCell Science Stem Cell Power Serum(1 oz)BenefitsContains a clinically proven high-tech plant cell culture extracted from the stem cells of the Swiss Uttwiler Spatlauber appleContains 4 powerful peptide boosters to help stimulate new cell growth and reprogram aging skin fibroblasts, increasing collagen production Helps brighten epidermal hyper pigmentation Ideal for all skin types. Cell Science Stem Cell Power Serum contains four powerful peptide boosters that stimulate cell growth and increasing collagen production. It is great for brightening up the epidermal hyper pigmentation.

Product Features

  • Stimulates new cell growth
  • Reprogram aging skin
  • Brighten epidermal hyper-pigmentation
  • 4 powerful peptide boosters

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