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Triple Stemcell Shine Stem UV SPF 35 PA+++, a Swiss advanced formula protects and vitalizes both epidermis and dermis skin stem cells while give superior protection against harmfull UVA and UVB. Revolutionary Phytocelltec Triple Stem Cells couple with Dermcom, a 4 times global award winning active ingredient boost collagen and elastin, increase skin firmness and reduce wrinkle fine lines over time.

Product Features

  • protects and vitalizes
  • moisture
  • face lift
  • reduce wrinkles

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Stem Cell Research: New Frontiers in Science and Ethics

“This is an excellent collection. It is a very thoughtful blend of science, ethics, and public policy. People reading this book will receive an outstanding introduction and analysis of the critical issues surrounding the embryonic stem cell debate.” —Thomas A. Shannon, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
This timely volume brings together essays by an internationally distinguished and diverse group of scholars. Contributors thoughtfully explore the ethical, public policy, and scientific implications of embryonic and adult stem cell research. Part one of the book offers a variety of scientific and public policy perspectives, including essays on stem cell plasticity and using umbilical cord blood as an alternative source of pluripotent stem cells. Part two vigorously examines the ethics of stem cell research and considers issues of social justice, morality, and public policy. Scientific alternatives, a natural law perspective regarding federal funding, and a discussion of the possible moral complicity of Catholic researchers are among the distinctive contributions made to the stem cell research debate by this collection. The objective and balanced discussions contained in this volume serve as an accessible introduction to the bioethical questions, issues, and problems surrounding stem cell research.

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Good Science: The Ethical Choreography of Stem Cell Research (Inside Technology)

After a decade and a half, human pluripotent stem cell research has been normalized. There may be no consensus on the status of the embryo — only a tacit agreement to disagree — but the debate now takes place in a context in which human stem cell research and related technologies already exist. In this book, Charis Thompson investigates the evolution of the controversy over human pluripotent stem cell research in the United States and proposes a new ethical approach for “good science.” Thompson traces political, ethical, and scientific developments that came together in what she characterizes as a “procurial” framing of innovation, based on concern with procurement of pluripotent cells and cell lines, a pro-cures mandate, and a proliferation of bio-curatorial practices. Thompson describes what she calls the “ethical choreography” that allowed research to go on as the controversy continued. The intense ethical attention led to some important discoveries as scientists attempted to “invent around” ethical roadblocks. Some ethical concerns were highly legible; but others were hard to raise in the dominant procurial framing that allowed government funding for the practice of stem cell research to proceed despite controversy. Thompson broadens the debate to include such related topics as animal and human research subjecthood and altruism. Looking at fifteen years of stem cell debate and discoveries, Thompson argues that good science and good ethics are mutually reinforcing, rather than antithetical, in contemporary biomedicine.

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