Clones and Stem Cells: Past, Present, and Potential

This book represents my attempt to convey the excitement of cloning and stem cell research to a wide audience while building on a foundation that starts from basic principles. I have tried to write a book that starts from more or less ground zero and works its way up to current advances. I’ve also attempted to keep jargon to a minimum so that readers aren’t always turning to a dictionary to look up definitions. While writing the book, I found that I also had to confront some nonscientific matters. While the new cell biology has incredible promise – biologists are developing tools to offer some extraordinarily useful therapies – some in the public are wary of its power. They fear a slippery slope. They claim that the scientific community is “playing God”. They bring up deep ethical and moral issues and pose profound questions like “When does life begin?”. While they’re not a major focus of the book, I have tried to address some of the major controversies with as little prejudice as I can muster.

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Autophagy in Health and Disease: Potential Therapeutic Approaches (Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine)

This timely volume explores the impact of autophagy in various human diseases, emphasizing the cell biological aspects and focusing on therapeutic approaches to these diseases. 

The chapters cover autophagy and its potential applications on diseases ranging from obesity, osteoarthritis, pulmonary fibrosis, and inflammation, through ALS, Parkinson’s, retinal degeneration, breast cancer, alcoholic liver disease and more. The final chapters round out the book with a discussion of autophagy in drug discovery and ‘bench to bedside’. Chapters are contributed by leading authorities and describe the general concepts of autophagy in health and disease, marrying cell biology and pharmacology and covering: studies derived from preclinical experiments, manufacturing considerations,and regulatory requirements pertaining to drug discovery and manufacturing and production. This volume will be useful for basic scientists as well as already practicing clinicians and advanced graduate students.

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Mesenchymal Stem Cell Derived Exosomes: The Potential for Translational Nanomedicine

Mesenchymal stem cell-derived exosomes are at the forefront of research in two of the most high profile and funded scientific areas – cardiovascular research and stem cells. Mesenchymal Stem Cell Derived Exosomes provides insight into the biofunction and molecular mechanisms, practical tools for research, and a look toward the clinical applications of this exciting phenomenon which is emerging as an effective diagnostic. Primarily focused on the cardiovascular applications where there have been the greatest advancements toward the clinic, this is the first compendium for clinical and biomedical researchers who are interested in integrating MSC-derived exosomes as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool.

  • Introduces the MSC-exosome mediated cell-cell communication
  • Covers the major functional benefits in current MSC-derived exosome studies
  • Discusses strategies for the use of MSC-derived exosomes in cardiovascular therapies

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