100% Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Skin Contains Natural Moisturizing Factor””Tri-HA Cell Signaling Complex””,Fully Noisturized Cells,Awaken Skin Energy,Leave Skin Soft and Smooth (8ml7 bottles)

Note:Our Hyaluronic acid Serum for external use only.Can Not be used with Hyaluron Injection Pen.If there’s any questions with our product,contact us freely,we’ll always here at your service.

Main functions: Hyaluronic acid plays a normal role in cell metabolism, maintains cell moisture,
allows water to enter the cell space, and acts as an ultra moisturizing, leaving skin moist and shiny.

Directions: Applying the serum to your cleansed skin,then pressure and pat the area in gently to promote absorbtion,it will moisturize your face immediately after.

-Delivers immediate nourishment and moisture
-Fight wrinkles and fine lines
-Hydrate skin to combat dryness and sun damage
-Make your skin softer and smoother
-Balance secretion of grease and reduce pimples and acnes

Water,Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, acrylic acid copolymer, ALPINIA GALANGA,1,4-Butanediol,
VIOLA TROCOLOR, Hyaluronic acid , Carbomer, triethanolamine , ALOE BARBADENSIS ,PEG-crosspolymer .

hyaluronic acid serum anti aging has been intended for women ages 16 years and older.

Product Features

  • Non-irritating formula fits for all skin type.It contains natual and organic ingredients with no harsh chemicals,no parabens, and no arificial colors,fragrances, or dyes.It’s gentle enough to be applied daily.
  • Tri-HA Cell Signaling Complex is regarded as natural moisturizing factor,the amount of it which boost hydro-lipidic film on the epidermis, obviously improve moisture content of skin, and then reduce the dry lines generated by dry skin.
  • Often used can improve the immunity of skin cells which can accelerate its regeneration and let skin become firmer and more elastic.Your skin will be bright,glowing and youthful.
  • Used as a facial Skin Care,Hyaluronic Acid is highly effective for easing maintenance, moisturizing, softening and shrinking pores.It’s easy way to improve normal function of skin and it’s activity.Your skin can be mild and tender as infant.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee–If, for whatever reason, You don’t absolutely love your Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum.Just return it, And We will refund every penny without problem.

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OCEANE Beauty White Pearl Moisturizing Cream 1.76 oz Mineral-Rich PEARL POWDER w/ MARINE PLANT STEM CELL Technology.

If you want a day moisturizer that will leave your face looking young and beautiful, use OCEANE Beauty White Pearl Moisturizing Cream. Our Moisturizing Cream includes the bare minerals moisturizer qualities of white pearl powder, which has been known for thousands of years for its unique age-defying and beautifying benefits. Our OCEANE Beauty White Pearl Moisturizing Cream also contains the revolutionary technology of marine plant stem cells, giving you a hydrating moisturizer that capitalizes on the secrets of the past and the power of today’s science to create an ageless recipe that will keep your facial skin looking youthful and healthy. Our exclusive, hydrating moisturizer blend also includes multivitamins, boosting the power of our moisturizing facial cream’s mineral-rich white pearl powder and marine plant stem cells to provide your facial skin with the anti-aging and beautifying benefits you’re looking for. Battle any visible signs of premature aging on your face, such as fine lines, expression lines and wrinkles, using our unique formula, which is specially crafted to improve skin firmness, texture and elasticity. Our OCEANE Beauty White Pearl Moisturizing Cream is a rehydrating and revitalizing total moisture facial cream that will leave your skin both looking and feeling soft, moisturized and luminous. An added bonus to the innovative scientific method of our cream facial moisturizer is that it doubles as an excellent makeup primer when applied before your regular makeup routine. Save the time and hassle of buying and applying more facial skin care products, and complete two steps in one with this incredible moisturizing conditioner for your face. We recommend that you apply this product to your skin each day after cleansing your face and neck for best results.

Product Features

  • MINERAL-RICH PEARL POWDER – Our OCEANE Beauty White Pearl Moisturizing Cream is infused with mineral-rich Mother of Pearl powder, which has been known for thousands of years for its age-defying and beautifying benefits. The pearl powder in this remarkable skin moisturizer is full of minerals that will help your facial skin maintain a smooth and youthful texture.
  • MARINE PLANT STEM CELL TECHNOLOGY – Our unique face moisturizer combines the secrets of the past with the power of today’s science. Our revolutionary use of marine plant stem cell technology is a scientific method for combating visible signs of premature aging, including fine lines and wrinkles. At the same time, it helps improve the firmness, texture and elasticity of your skin.
  • AGE-DEFYING BENEFITS – Our unique blend of mineral-rich pearl powder, marine plant stem cells and multivitamins combine for an astonishing, anti-aging face moisturizer that gives you the perfect mixture of ingredients known for their unique abilities to reduce signs of premature aging and restore and beautify your skin. Let our distinctive moisturizer serum rejuvenate your skin.
  • DOUBLES AS MAKEUP PRIMER – Complete two important facial skin care steps in one by applying this moisturizing cream prior to your daily makeup application routine. This facial moisturizer doubles as an excellent primer for your makeup, saving you the extra time and cost of using another product. This extraordinary anti-aging face cream delivers two essential facial skin care products in one.
  • LUXURIOUS HYDRATION – This deluxe, anti-aging face cream acts as a lavish moisturizer for your skin that is rich and revitalizing. The luxurious moisture cream absorbs quickly, leaving your skin healthy, hydrated and radiant. Allow our daily moisturizing cream to improve the health and youthfulness of your skin by applying it daily to your face and neck.

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Ice Plant Stem Cell Face Mask by Organique Science – Award Winning Anti- Aging Facial Sheet Mask – For Hydrating & Moisturizing Dry Skin – Cleanse Pores & Rejuvenate Mature Skin -Spa Treatment to Heal, Soothe- UVA / UVB Protection

Organique Science Stem Cell Facial Mask

Gold Medal Winner of 2017 International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva
Silver Medal Winner of 2017 Lépine International Paris

Transform Your Skin to be Soft, Supple and Glowing!
Aging is something we cannot prevent, but it’s something we can manage with scientific developments.
This product is suitable for both men and women who want to age gracefully and keep their complexion healthy, bright and glowing.
Experience a full spa facial with the use of Organique Science Ice Plant Face Mask.

🗸 Innovative Bio-cellulose formulation that is completely new to the beauty market.
🗸 Instantly plumps with moisture-rich replenishing formula
🗸Helps reduce deep wrinkles, crow’s feet, head, and cheek wrinkles
🗸 Provides UVA/ UVB skin protection and inhibits melanoma cell growth
🗸 Cell renewal, collagen stimulation and improving the appearance of pores
🗸 Helps Reduce Inflammation and detoxify the skin from free radical and oxidative damage.

How to Use:
Wash your face and ensure that it is clean of any makeup, creams, oils or dirt.
Apply facial wrap gently, and smooth outer edges to the contours of your face. Leave the mask on for 15 mins for complete hydrating and firming effects
The moisturizing effects of the mask will last up to 8 hours which is 20% more effective than generic brands.
Each pack comes with 5 masks each one is suitable for one time of use.

100% money-back guarantee
Organique Science company uses third-party dermatologists and labs to do rigorous testing on the safety and efficacy of our formulas.
If you are not satisfied with your Organique Science Face Mask, we can offer a full replacement or refund. We invite you to try our product risk-free.

Product Features

  • STEM CELL SOLUTION FOR DEEP PENETRATION – This new technology Ice Plant Stem Cell solution can effectively repair DNA, regenerate dry skin, fade deep wrinkles and blemishes. Our face mask for men and women will penetrate both the dermis and epidermis with 20% higher moisture effects than other face creams and masks.
  • PROTECTS AGAINST UV DAMAGE AND PHOTOAGING – The main component in our unique skin care formulation protects against UV photoaging on the skin. It can also inhibit melanoma cell growth. Protect your skin from dangerous rays, free radicals, dark spots and other signs of aging.
  • FAST ABSORBING & LONG LASTING EFFECTS – Organique Science Ice Plant Stem Cell Facial Mask has been proven to be more effective than a generic peel off face mask. Testing shows that our facial lift mask deeply penetrates layers of skin within 5 minutes and will last up to 8 hours for a youthful glowing complexion.
  • EASY APPLICATION – Our award-winning Bio Cellulose Full Facial Mask is simple and easy to use for all skin types. Apply the silky facial wrap gently, and smooth the outer edges to the contours of your face. Leave the mask on for 15 mins for complete hydrating, whitening and firming effects.
  • CLINICALLY TESTED, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Clinically tested and developed by a team of leading dermatologists. The Organique Science Peeling Face Mask is paraben free and FDA approved. If you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact us for a full refund.

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