FACTORFIVE Regenerative Serum with Human Derived Apidose Stem Cell Growth Factors, Travel Size, 0.34fl oz/10ml

WHAT IS FACTORFIVE? FACTORFIVE is a new type of scientific skincare – one that was created with as much integrity as it was innovation. Our scientifically efficacious, result driven products embody the next generation of regenerative skincare. Using a propriety technique, the Stanford trained scientists behind FACTORFIVE have developed a unique method that harnesses the powerful, anti-aging properties of adipose derived stem cell factors. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF USING FACTORFIVE? Promote human dermal fibroblast proliferation, a primary cell type that makes up the skin. Increase proliferation and migration of human keratinocytes, a primary cell type found in skin, as well as stimulate production of collagen and a variety of growth factors and cytokines involved in cell migration, increased blood flow, vascularization, and cell renewal. Increase collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis in human dermal fibroblasts, proteins associated with healthy, youthful skin, skin remodeling, and healing. Reverse the damaging effects of UV radiation, fight wrinkle formation, increase cell proliferation, increase collagen production, and decrease expression of MMP1, a gene linked to scar formation. Inhibit proliferation of melanoma cells (skin cancer), protect skin cells from chemical induced oxidative stress, and boost collagen synthesis and cell motility, showing that these factors may help fight skin cancer and the effects of photoaging. Reduce healing time after laser resurfacing and catalyze production of collagen and elastin.

Product Features

  • FIGHT THE 5 SIGNS OF AGING: FACTORFIVE Regenerative Serum minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, reduces the visibility of sunspots, helps regain skin tightness and thickness, while smoothing and healing the skin’s surface.
  • PROVEN RESULTS IN 4 WEEKS: The FACTORFIVE Regenerative Serum has shown to reduce redness by 71%, improve skin clarity by 36%, reduce wrinkles by 17%, and reduce pores by 53%.
  • BACKED BY SCIENCE: Borrowing from Silicon Valley biotechnology, Stanford trained scientists have developed FACTORFIVE to nourish the skin and help promote healthy cellular activity.
  • HOW IT WORKS: An anti-aging serum that’s packed with a powerful amount of human stem cell growth factors and copper peptides. A breakthrough blend of regenerative cytokines, polypeptide complexes, and potent human growth factors work to fight the 5 signs of aging and re-energizes skin cells.
  • MADE IN THE USA: All FACTORFIVE products are ethically derived, all natural, and formulated without parabens, mineral oil, sulfate detergents, phthalates, urea, DEA, or TEA. FACTORFIVE does not test on animals.

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How to Grow a Human: Adventures in Who We Are and How We Are Made

A cutting-edge examination of what it means to be human and to have a ‘self’ in the face of new scientific developments in genetic editing, cloning and neural downloading.

After seeing his own cells used to grow clumps of new neurons – essentially mini-brains – Philip Ball begins to examine the concepts of identity and consciousness. Delving into humanity’s deep evolutionary past to look at how complex creatures like us emerged from single-celled life, he offers a new perspective on how humans think about ourselves.

In an age when we are increasingly encouraged to regard the ‘self’ as an abstract sequence of genetic information, or as a pattern of neural activity that might be ‘downloaded’ to a computer, he return us to the body – to flesh and blood – and anchors a conception of personhood in this unique and ephemeral mortal coil. How to Build a Human brings us back to ourselves – but in doing so, it challenges old preconceptions and values. It asks us to rethink how we exist in the world.

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Culture of Human Stem Cells

This book collects the most effective and cutting-edge methods and protocols for deriving and culturing human embryonic and adult stem cells—in one handy resource.

This groundbreaking book follows the tradition of previous books in the Culture of Specialized Cells Series—each methods and protocols chapter is laid out exactly like the next, with stepwise protocols, preceded by specific requirements for that protocol, and a concise discussion of methods illustrated by data. The editors describe a limited number of representative techniques across a wide spectrum of stem cells from embryonic, newborn, and adult tissue, yielding an all-encompassing and versatile guide to the field of stem cell biology and culture.

The book includes a comprehensive list of suppliers for all equipment used in the protocols presented, with websites available in an appendix. Additionally, there is a chapter on quality control, and other chapters covering legal and ethical issues, cryopreservation, and feeder layer culture. This text is a one-stop resource for all researchers, clinical scientists, teachers, and students involved in this crucial area of study.

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