Cell and Tissue Culture: Stem Cell: Plant, Animal and Human cell and DNA cloning

Innovation is an important component for technology based modern teaching and research. In order to achieve this aim, the manuscript has been published for the teaching, researcher and research students in the area of cell and tissue culture as well as stem cell. Moderm technology based data on cell and tissue regeneration, tissue engineering, molecular and DNA cloning, cytokinin, gibberellin and abscissic acid, hormone’s effects on cell and tissue in plant, animal and human have been shown in this manuscript from research data. Moreover kinase enzyme and ABA effects on cancer cell growth and inhibition have been described well using different research data. In addition, application of Genetically modified organism (GMO) and Genetic engineering has been described well. Abscissic acid hormone and fresh olive extract are an effective for cell and tissue inhibition. From the data mentioned in this book, it can be believed that there would be a well prospect of ABA and fresh olive extract’s effect on cancer cell inhibition. Therefore we believed, this research data would be an innovative study in the field of inhibition of cancer cell for the academician, researcher and students.

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Five Non Negotiables-The Catholic Church’s Teaching on Abortion, Euthanasia, Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Human Cloning, and Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

NOW MORE THAN EVER- Understand what the Church teaches and why so you are ready to make informed choices in the public square! Tim Staples will share in a simple and logical way the Catholic’s moral teaching on the five non-negotiable issues of abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem-cell research, human cloning, and same-sex marriage And yes- they are absolutely immoral. Learn why these issues are black-and-white…why they are unchangeable….why it is serious sin…..and why it trumps all other issues. Get up to speed… Know your faith…Defend the faith. Order now.

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Human Stem Cell Manual, Second Edition: A Laboratory Guide

This manual is a comprehensive compilation of “methods that work” for deriving, characterizing, and differentiating hPSCs, written by the researchers who developed and tested the methods and use them every day in their laboratories. The manual is much more than a collection of recipes; it is intended to spark the interest of scientists in areas of stem cell biology that they may not have considered to be important to their work.  The second edition of the Human Stem Cell Manual is an extraordinary laboratory guide for both experienced stem cell researchers and those just beginning to use stem cells in their work.

  • Offers a comprehensive guide for medical and biology researchers who want to use stem cells for basic research, disease modeling, drug development, and cell therapy applications.
  • Provides a cohesive global view of the current state of stem cell research, with chapters written by pioneering stem cell researchers in Asia, Europe, and North America.
  • Includes new chapters devoted to recently developed methods, such as iPSC technology, written by the scientists who made these breakthroughs.

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