ACTIF STEM Cell Support – Maximum Strength with 10+ Stem Cell Factors, Non GMO, 2 Month Supply, Made in USA

Brought to you by ACTIF – the leader in anti-aging products.

Product features

  • The only 10-in-1 Stem Cell Product. Voted the best Stem Cell product in 2018 by clinicians.
  • Proven in clinical trials to be highly effective in improving stem cell renewal
  • Actif Stem Advanced Support is the most comprehensive, advanced, and patented formula with 10+ key ingredients to boost healthy stem cell regeneration. Actif Stem Advanced Support provides necessary nutrients to promote stem cell proliferation and circulation, as well as antioxidants to slow cell aging process. We use only the highest quality, US-sourced, non-GMO, and pharmaceutical-grade ingredients.
    Per serving:600mg Aphanizomenon flos-aquae concentrate, Cordyceps sinensis, Gotu Kola Extract, Indian Gooseberry Extract, Turmeric Extract, Blackcurrant Extract, Bromelain (from Pineapple), Coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone, naturally fermented), Cranberry Powder Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Acetyl-L-Carnitine Arginate, Green Tea Extract, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12

    Product Features

    • ★ The most complete stem cell supplement with 10+ STEM CELL FACTORS
    • ★ Clinically proven formula to help support stem cell renewal, cognitive function and circulation, anti-aging and regeneration
    • ★ Minimizes oxidative damage in stem cells due to aging and environmental toxins
    • ★ Improves neuron formation and cognitive processes
    • ★ FREE Shipping, Non-GMO, BPA -free, gluten-free, Made in USA, 100% Customer Satisfaction

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  • FACTORFIVE Regenerative Serum with Human Derived Apidose Stem Cell Growth Factors, Travel Size, 0.34fl oz/10ml

    WHAT IS FACTORFIVE? FACTORFIVE is a new type of scientific skincare – one that was created with as much integrity as it was innovation. Our scientifically efficacious, result driven products embody the next generation of regenerative skincare. Using a propriety technique, the Stanford trained scientists behind FACTORFIVE have developed a unique method that harnesses the powerful, anti-aging properties of adipose derived stem cell factors. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF USING FACTORFIVE? Promote human dermal fibroblast proliferation, a primary cell type that makes up the skin. Increase proliferation and migration of human keratinocytes, a primary cell type found in skin, as well as stimulate production of collagen and a variety of growth factors and cytokines involved in cell migration, increased blood flow, vascularization, and cell renewal. Increase collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis in human dermal fibroblasts, proteins associated with healthy, youthful skin, skin remodeling, and healing. Reverse the damaging effects of UV radiation, fight wrinkle formation, increase cell proliferation, increase collagen production, and decrease expression of MMP1, a gene linked to scar formation. Inhibit proliferation of melanoma cells (skin cancer), protect skin cells from chemical induced oxidative stress, and boost collagen synthesis and cell motility, showing that these factors may help fight skin cancer and the effects of photoaging. Reduce healing time after laser resurfacing and catalyze production of collagen and elastin.

    Product Features

    • FIGHT THE 5 SIGNS OF AGING: FACTORFIVE Regenerative Serum minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, reduces the visibility of sunspots, helps regain skin tightness and thickness, while smoothing and healing the skin’s surface.
    • PROVEN RESULTS IN 4 WEEKS: The FACTORFIVE Regenerative Serum has shown to reduce redness by 71%, improve skin clarity by 36%, reduce wrinkles by 17%, and reduce pores by 53%.
    • BACKED BY SCIENCE: Borrowing from Silicon Valley biotechnology, Stanford trained scientists have developed FACTORFIVE to nourish the skin and help promote healthy cellular activity.
    • HOW IT WORKS: An anti-aging serum that’s packed with a powerful amount of human stem cell growth factors and copper peptides. A breakthrough blend of regenerative cytokines, polypeptide complexes, and potent human growth factors work to fight the 5 signs of aging and re-energizes skin cells.
    • MADE IN THE USA: All FACTORFIVE products are ethically derived, all natural, and formulated without parabens, mineral oil, sulfate detergents, phthalates, urea, DEA, or TEA. FACTORFIVE does not test on animals.

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    Natural Factors – Turmeric & Bromelain 450mg, Superior Standardized Extracts, 90 Capsules

    Natural Factors Bromelain and Turmeric capsules enhance digestion naturally while supporting and protecting the liver. Turmeric stimulates digestion, supports the liver and has a role in maintaining healthy muscle and joints. Bromelain, an enzyme isolated from the stem of the pineapple plant, aids in digestion by breaking down protein and also enhances the absorption of Turmeric. Recent studies also show that Bromelain has many health promoting properties. These superior standardized extracts work together, a classic combination.

    Product Features

    • NATURAL DIGESTION: Turmeric and Bromelain capsules support digestion naturally while helping to support healthy liver function.
    • CONTAINS BROMELAIN: Bromelain, an enzyme isolated from the stem of the pineapple plant, aids in digestion by breaking down protein and also enhances the absorption of turmeric.
    • CONTAINS TURMERIC: Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory and has been used in the Chinese and Indian medicine systems for years and is one of the ingredients in curry.
    • MUSCLE AND JOINT SUPPORT: Turmeric stimulates digestion, supports the liver and has a role in supporting healthy muscle and joints.
    • OUR PRIVILEGE, OUR PASSION: Today, Natural Factors is one of the largest manufacturers of nutritional products in North America. But our origins reach back to the 1950s, and right from day one, we’ve always been fully committed to making products right. We are not a public company with shareholders to impress. Instead, we care about impressing you.

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