Andalou Naturals Face Pore Minimzr Aloe+willo

Andalou Naturals Clarifying Aloe plus Willow Bark Pore Minimizer Description:
Fruit Stem Cell Science
For Active and Oily Skin

Fruit Stem Cell Complex, willow bark extract and aloe vera polysaccharides remove dull skin cells, debris, and excess oil that can clog pores and increase breakouts. Purifies, refines, and gently exfoliates to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores for a tighter, smoother, cleaner complexion.

How Does It Work?

Fruit Stem Cells

Renew Dormant Cells – Awakening cells to behave younger

Repair Damaged Cells – Increasing cell longevity and vitality

Regenerate Healthy Cells – Stimulating healthy cell production

BioActive 8 Berry Complex

Provides a potent portfolio of superfruit antioxidants; Certified Organic Acai, Aronia, Bearberry, Bilberry, Black Elderberry, Goji, Rosehips, Sea Buckthorn, and Bilberry Fruit Stem Cells.

Certified Organic Aloe Vera

Soothes inflammation, oxygenates and hydrates, advances dermal delivery and absorption of active ingredients.

Free Of Gluten, GMO, paraben, preservatives, sulfates, phthalates and animal cruelty. Disclaimer These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Country of origin : USA
Sold As .: 2 Pack – 6 Ounce In Each Pack

Product Features

  • Verified Gluten Free.

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Nanotech Stem Cell Face Mask (Set of 4)

The Stem Cell Face Mask is a powerful anti-aging and skin cleansing face mask. Developed by a group of America’s leading stem cell experts, the mask harnesses the power of stem cell technology to rewire your skin from its deepest layers to produce a new, glowing, youthful look. Additionally, the mask was cleared by the FDA this year, confirming that it is 100% safe to use. What Can Stem Cell Face Masks Do? The mask has a number of benefits for your skin and overall complexion. These include: Improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; Help brighten, firm and soften the look and feel of skin; Improve the appearance of scars and blemishes. How Does the Stem Cell Face Mask Work? The one-of-a-kind mask uses a patented stem cell cloning methodology. The process begins with consenting adult volunteers donating stem cells from their own body to a AAA grade stem cell cloning facility. There, the stem cells are cloned into new stem cell peptides and then inserted into the mask. Upon contact with skin, these stem cell peptides act as a second “super-skin,” nourishing it from its deepest layers. How Do You Use Stem Cell Face Masks? In a monthly supply, you get 4 Stem Cell Face Masks – 1 for each week. To use the mask, you simply need to apply it for 30 minutes at a time, during which you can go about your day normally (many people simply watch television or read a book!). The effects from this single 30-minute use will usually last a week. Note: Stem Cell Face Masks are all natural and non-allergenic. As such, they are suitable for all skin types and conditions.

Product Features

  • LUXURIOUS MEDICAL-QUALITY SKIN CARE FACIAL MASK – each order includes 4 nanotech fiber masks
  • STEM CELL FACE MASKS – used by celebrities for post surgery recovery
  • INNOVATIVE FORMULA- uses adult human stem cells to create a nutrient rich serum that restores a youthful glow to damaged or stressed skin.

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Intermatic K4321C 120-Volt Fixed Position Photocontrol with Weatherproof Face Plate

About The Intermatic K4321C 120V 50/60Hz. 1800W “T” Fixed Mount Photocell with NEMA 3R Wall Plate The Intermatic K4321C 120V 50/60Hz. 1800W “T” Fixed Mount Photocell is designed for standard outlet boxes. The Intermatic K4321C 120V 50/60Hz. 1800W “T” Fixed Mount Photocell comes with the weatherproof wall plate with a neoprene gasket. The Intermatic K4321C 120V 50/60Hz. 1800W “T” Fixed Mount Photocell has a UL listing that applies to the entire plate assembly when it is mounted properly in an approved outdoor junction box. Additional Information:

Product Features

  • Thermal photocontrol on a face plate for effortless dusk-to-dawn ON/OFF control of exterior lighting, street lighting, parking lot, pedestrian pathway and landscape lighting
  • For control of exterior lighting, street lighting, parking lot, pedestrian pathway and landscape lighting
  • Smart delay feature prevents unwanted OFF switching of lights due to passing car headlights or lightning
  • Features a cadmium sulfide photocell and a mechanical bimetal switch
  • 3/8″ – 18 NPSM, 3/4″ long stem with locking nut and washer gasket

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