Stem Cell Biology Basic Concepts to Frontiers Students Edition (Volume 1)

Stem cell biology student’s edition is published for the audience to learn basic knowledge on stem cells including embryonic, adult and induced pluripotent stem cells. More specifically this book describes embryonic stem cell biology, isolation and maintenance of mouse embryonic and adult stem cells, molecular mechanisms of stem cell self-renewal, nuclear cloning, genetic manipulation of stem cells, and their applications and challenges in regenerative medicine. The contents of this book are written in a simplified language for better understanding on stem cell biology for graduate and undergraduate students.

Product Features

  • Stem Cell Biology Basic Concepts to Frontiers Students Edition

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Stem Cells: From Bench to Bedside (Second Edition)

Stem cell biology has drawn tremendous interest in recent years as it promises cures for a variety of incurable diseases. This book deals with the basic and clinical aspects of stem cell research and involves work on the full spectrum of stem cells isolated today. It also covers the conversion of stem cell types into a variety of useful tissues which may be used in the future for transplantation therapy. It is thus aimed at undergraduates, postgraduates, scientists, embryologists, doctors, tissue engineers and anyone who wishes to gain some insight into stem cell biology.

This book is important as it is comprehensive and covers all aspects of stem cell biology, from basic research to clinical applications. It will have 33 chapters written by renowned stem cell scientists worldwide. It will be up-to-date and all the chapters include self-explanatory figures, color photographs, graphics and tables. It will be easy to read and give the reader a complete understanding and state of the art of the exciting science and its applications.

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Transplant Infections: Fourth Edition

As the number of patients undergoing hematotopoietic or solid organ transplantation increases, a deep understanding of the field of transplant infectious diseases grows increasingly vital. With its extensively revised and updated review of surgical infections, treatment, prevention, and practice, this book is the ultimate guide to advances in the field of transplant infections that are rapidly implemented into practice both in diagnostic technologies, new therapies, new transplant practices, and challenges such as the threat of multiresistant bacteria and the increasing use of transplantation in the developing parts of the world. Written by experts in their fields, this book is the only comprehensive source of cutting-edge information on transplant infections and has been a trusted guide to medical professionals worldwide for nearly two decades.
Transplant Infections is of paramount value to infectious disease specialists, transplant physicians, medical students, fellows, residents, and all medical professionals working with surgical patients.

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