Fred’s Guide to Stem Cell Transplants: Patient to patient talk and walk down this cancer path not chosen

Fred’s Guide to Stem Cell Transplants… If You’re Facing a Stem Cell Transplant-Fred Can Help! Chances are, if you are reading this, you or someone you love has cancer. Fred knows it can feel like an impossible, insurmountable challenge. He has been through two stem cell transplants. He knows what it’s like to endure and survive the rough ride of diagnosis, assessing the risks, finding a donor, and dealing with the side effects. Having come out on the other side, Fred and Kathy have collected observations, ideas, suggestions, and insights to help you on your journey. Most of all, Fred’s Guide to Stem Cell Transplants is an encouraging, supportive resource to help you find the powers within you to add to your own healing plan. Fred and Kathy are ready to lend you their perspective on courage, persistence, and how your friends and family can support your healing process. Fred and Kathy were married for 44 years when Fred was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia. Fred’s life was saved when a donor stepped forward. Now living with gratitude, this book is their way of Paying It Forward. Illustrations by Allai Kaushik

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