Emerging Trends in Applications and Infrastructures for Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, and Systems Biology: Systems and Applications (Emerging Trends in Computer Science and Applied Computing)

Emerging Trends in Applications and Infrastructures for Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, and Systems Biology: Systems and Applications covers the latest trends in the field with special emphasis on their applications. The first part covers the major areas of computational biology, development and application of data-analytical and theoretical methods, mathematical modeling, and computational simulation techniques for the study of biological and behavioral systems.

The second part covers bioinformatics, an interdisciplinary field concerned with methods for storing, retrieving, organizing, and analyzing biological data. The book also explores the software tools used to generate useful biological knowledge.

The third part, on systems biology, explores how to obtain, integrate, and analyze complex datasets from multiple experimental sources using interdisciplinary tools and techniques, with the final section focusing on big data and the collection of datasets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using conventional database management systems or traditional data processing applications.

  • Explores all the latest advances in this fast-developing field from an applied perspective
  • Provides the only coherent and comprehensive treatment of the subject available
  • Covers the algorithm development, software design, and database applications that have been developed to foster research

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iBike GPS Plus-Bike Computer (Case/Mount/App/Sensor) GPS-Based Cycling Measurements

Taking full advantage of the latest technologies,the iBike GPS+ bike computer delivers your ride information on a large, easy-to-read while cycling, 3.5 inch, color-rich display…with your choice or horizontal or vertical positioning.The weather-sealed, anti-glare cover on the iBike GPS+ case keeps your iPhone/iPod Touch dry while allowing full use (with or without cycling gloves) of all touch screen features! With the new iBike GPS app, the iBike GPS+ bike computer lets you ride with your screen in landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) position. And you can flip back and forth between screens and important applications while you ride. Navigation is fast and easy and screens are easy to read at a glance so you can track your progress and keep your attention on the road.

Product Features

  • Dual Purpose mount for use on your handlebar or bike stem
  • Latest in cycling measurement
  • The iBike Bluetooth speed/cadence sensor
  • The new iBike Coach 2.0 app (available in 9 languages)

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Bioengineering and Cancer Stem Cell Concept (Springerbriefs in Computer Science)

This book explores the role of cancer stem cells in the diagnosis, treatment, and cure of cancers. This book also tackles novel methodology for cancer stem cell marker identification, cancer stem cell respiration and metabolism, genetic and epigenetic mechanisms including DNA methylation, and mi-RNA assemble. It also emphasizes the role of Bioinformatics techniques, which provide a novel methodology for modeling cancer outcomes.

The authors investigate the difference between cancer stem cells and normal stem cells, along with the concept of targeted cancer stem cell therapy. Although the theoretical explanations of cancer stem cell involvement in leukemia and solid cancers are controversial, there is now little doubt that cancer stem cells exist within otherwise heterogeneous cancer cell population. The brief examines the two leading theories, hierarchical and the stochastic/cancer stem cell model.

Researchers, professors and advanced-level students focused on bioengineering and computer science will find this book to be a valuable resource. It is a very good source of critical references for understanding of this problem, and a useful tool for professionals in related fields.

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