American Educational Cells of Plants Poster

The American Educational JPT-T11 cells of plants poster is used for botanical study, and depicts magnified images of the following cells for detailed examination: onion skin, green cells of a leaf, woody stem (lengthwise and cross section), anther, lily ovary, spirogyra, and bacteria. The poster provides views of cells when used for food and water within the plant as well as cells that provide stem structure for additional information. The JPT-T11 is laminated for durability, and measures 25.5 x 36.0 inches (L x H). (L is length, the horizontal distance from left to right; H is height, the vertical distance from the lowest to highest point.) The poster is suitable for grade 8 and higher and age 13 and older.

Science education products incorporate applied math and science principles into classroom and homeschool-based projects. Teachers in pre-K, elementary, and secondary classrooms use science education kits and products alongside science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) curriculum to demonstrate STEM concepts and real-world applications through hands-on activities. Science education projects include a broad range of activities, such as practical experiments in engineering, aeronautics, robotics, energy, chemistry, physics, biology, and geology.

American Educational Products, LLC, manufactures and supplies classroom materials and teaching tools for science and math education, as well as early childhood and active play products. The company, founded in 1986, is based in Fort Collins, CO.

Product Features

  • Cells of plants poster for botanical study
  • Depicts eight magnified images of plant cells for detailed examination
  • Provides view of cells when used for food and water within plant as well as cells that provide stem structure for additional information
  • Laminated for durability
  • Measures 25.5 x 36.0 inches (L x H)

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Product Features

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