Biopsies of The Bible: Exposing the Two Gods of Judaism to Pave the Way for Global Peace and Health The Bible and Today’s Science

(Notification: Biopsies of the Bible was first published in March of 2012. The revised copies published in and after October 2013 contain 20 more pages. As an indicator, the subtitle of the revised copies reads “Exposing the Two Gods of Judaism to Pave the Way for Global Peace and Health.” You are best served by obtaining the updated copy.) In research laboratories that are run by academic scientists, we do not have wars and gun fights. Scientists cling to and follow solid reproducible scientific facts, such as evolution of species, or the fact that chemical elements will always behave in a predicted manner under certain temperature and atmospheric pressure. Unlike Jews, Christians, and Muslims, scientists do not kill each other in the name of solid reproducible scientific facts. As a non-Muslim, I would not dare to scrutinize Islamic literature to praise or God-forbid criticize in public. The term of and doctrine of Christianity is not mentioned in Biopsies of the Bible, lest over a billion people would jeopardize their right of passage to heaven after death. The Judaic literature is open to be scrutinized under the light of solid reproducible scientific facts, what is called “emmeth” in Hebrew. The reader of Biopsies will gain insight about the roots of Abrahamic religions and will learn a great amount of relevant current day medicine. Biopsies lays out a paradigm to assess religion to obtain unity and peace in the a similar shape to what we have in scientific laboratories. Such a paradigm is a prerequisite to obtain global peace and health. I encourage you to start with yourself and your own belief system. Biopsies offers a multifaceted approach to pave the way for peace between Israelis and Palestinians. The Prologue and the the first few pages of the Introduction display the content and direction of the book.

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