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This Aluminum Backplate Bumper Snap Case is only designed for Apple iPhone X. This case uses premium aluminum back plate along with a durable plastic hard shell for instant protection. Perfect cutouts maximize the functionality of your phone. Water resistance aluminum surface is extremly easy to clean without any discoloration. Please note that the color of product may appear slightly different on individual monitors. Accessory only, mobile phone is not included.

Product Features

  • This item is designed and made for “Apple iPhone X” Only
  • Aluminum back plate along with a durable plastic hard shell, completely protect the phone from dirt, scratch and bumps
  • Easy access to all buttons, controls and ports without removing the case. Easy to install – just snap on to your device
  • MADE IN USA. Designed, printed and shipped from our California facility
  • Please search “MSD Apple iPhone X” for more special and unique designs

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(Swiss quality Formula) 3x (42 sachets) Phytoscience PhytoCellTec Apple Grape Double StemCell stem cell – Best Anti Aging Skin Care + Free Shipping

Health is the most important virtue in your life. The well-being of your body and mind has a great impact on your life: with proper care and provision, you can expect better days ahead for you. While there are various supplements that are for the well-being of the mind and body, not all are as good as Phyto Science Double Stem Cell! Why It’s Good Discovered in 2008 by Mibelle Biochemistry, Phyto Science Double Stem Cell is consist of two main element: PhytoCellTecTM Malus Domestica Stem and PhytoCellTecTM Solar Vitis, originated from Swiss apple tree and burgundy grape respectively. These two important elements are found to have exceptional special capability to regenerate new cells to accelerate recovery, delay aging process and protects skin from hazardous UV rays. Believe it According to a review from, Phyto Science Double Stem Cell has helped her to fight her acne problems in just 2 weeks! Her intake of 2 sachets a day has made her skin not only smoother but also fairer. Another reviewer from was happy to find that her diabetes reading level has positively dropped from 20.2 to 9 in just 10 days. Apart from that, her knee aches of 8 years had miraculously healed too! What is Phyto Science Founded in 2012, Phyto Science is a company that understands the importance and power of health and wellness in everyday life. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Phyto Science believes that Double Stem Cell is a miracle that needs to be shared with others to promote a healthier and better life.

Product Features

  • Instant Anti-Aging Effect

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Salon Science Swiss Apple Cellucovery Scalp Tonic Treatment 50ml

Product Description

For Anti-Ageing and Restored Volume. A weightless and volumising scalp treatment containing the stem cells of a rare Swiss Apple, PhytoCelltecTM Malus Domestica. CELLUCOVERYTM Scalp Tonic Treatment uses a concentrated amount of cellular plant properties to protect the longevity of hair cells. The science works to stimulate, nourish and rejuvenate hair follicles resulting in stronger, thicker, healthier hair in 8 weeks. Apply to dry or partly dried hair. Use one full pipette directly on and around the scalp by gently squeezing the rubber bulb to dispense the drops. Massage into the scalp to help stimulate micro-circulation. Do not rinse out. Style as normal. Use once a day for 8 weeks and continue use for long-lasting results. For best results use with SALON SCIENCE® CELLULUXETM Shampoo and Conditioner.

Condition: New

Brand: Salon Science

Brand Story

The perfect balance of science and beauty, SALON SCIENCE® is like a revolutionary beauty regime for your hair. Containing a fusion of powerful active ingredients and the highest concentration of plant stem cell extracts within the formulations, SALON SCIENCE® helps to replenish and revive hair from the inside out. SALON SCIENCE® contains a dynamic fusion of powerful active ingredients and award-winning stem cells, derived from rare plant extracts. Seamlessly combining cutting edge scientific expertise, with hi-tech formulations, SALON SCIENCE® gives the healthiest, most radiant hair yet. Formulated and developed by the leading biochemistry experts in Switzerland, SALON SCIENCE® has been designed to tackle a series of hair problems and comprises four targeted collections

Product Features

  • Restore Volume
  • Protects and rejuvinates
  • For optimum health, vitality and thickness
  • For fine and fragile hair!
  • Contains a dynamic fusion of powerful active ingredients and award-winning stem cells

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