Salon In Keratin Shampoo 1000ml + Conditioner 1000ml + FREE TAHE KERATIN GOLD SERUM 30ml

Product Features

  • KERATIN HAIR SHAMPOO Shampoo enriched with Keratin that cleans, fortifies and nourishes all types of hair, giving it strength, elasticity and vitality.
  • KERATIN HAIR CONDITIONER Conditioner enriched with Keratin and other ingredients such as walnut, chamomile, sage, mint, rosemary and horsetail. It’s designed to fortify and nourish all types of hair, also making them easier to handle through enhanced flexibility.
  • KERATIN Liquid Gold with keratin, active plant stem cells and Argan Oil Combats signs of age, reinforcing the inside of the hair, restoring its tone, energy, density, brightness and extreme softness. Report incorrect product information

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