Stem Cell Solutions: The who, what, how, and why of stem cells

Stem cell science is one of the most misunderstood areas of modern medicine. It is surrounded by myths, confusion, and strong opinions that vary from blind belief to complete rejection. This book was written as a review of the developing field with a goal to give interested doctors and patients a foundation of future fluency. It addresses existing controversies and identifies possible roads to the practical use of stem cells in patients. Readers will learn that modern stem cell treatments are not about embryos, cancer, or the other things they may have been afraid of in the past. The history of stem cell use, the nature of stem cells, and the possible risks and benefits of stem cell medicine are reviewed. The ways the stem cell industry is regulated, the safeguards that are in place, and how current research is reported are all covered. You will learn that there are many types of stem cell products available and that they differ deeply. We will examine PRP, amniotic fluid, amniotic membrane, fat and bone marrow stem cells, umbilical blood and wall stem cells, as well as live stem cells and stem cell secretions. We will also look at exosomes and cell to cell interactions. Stem cell science is rich in discoveries and curiosities, possibilities, and pitfalls. There are thousands of studies going on in the US and around the world. Stem Cell treatment holds incredible promise which may be realized only with diligent research. Neither excessive optimism nor unwarranted pessimism is welcome in medicine. We are at the beginning of a healthcare revolution that will utilize many ways to treat diseases. Stem cell treatment is one of these ways to improve life.

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