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With this educational kit, kids will discover the microcosms of living subjects around them. By placing the clip-on microscope included in this kit onto a smartphone’s camera, you have your very own convenient microscope ready to go. With magnification 100 – 300 x optical and 400 – 1000 x digital*, the microscope allows you to witness the lives of cells. A light source is included in this kit along with an educational guide with projects and everything else you need to look very close at the building blocks of life! WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD: Product contains button batteries. Hazardous if swallowed.

Product Features

  • Prepare wet-mount slides by slicing and staining the materials.
  • Examine semi-transparent onion cells, bugs, cheek cells, and pond scum under your microscope.
  • Discover the differences between different types of cells and what the functions of each organelle is.
  • Kit includes: a clip-on microscope, a attachable light source, a magnifier, microscope slides, cover slips, pipettes, small vials, and a 40 page book.
  • *Digital magnification strength depends on the quality of the camera on the mobile device.

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One thought on “ScienceWiz Store AMAZON EXCLUSIVE / Cells

  1. What an absolute piece of junk. I bought this for my almost-8-year-old grandson. I tried it out first to be sure he didn’t get frustrated with too much detail. I never saw a single thing under the “microscope.” Making the slide was a nightmare. You make your own saline (using approximate measurements because what is a simple measurement of 166 ml?) and add food coloring. You drop it on the onion skin (as thin as they insist it must be) and it NEVER absorbs. You give up and put the thin piece of…

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