Peace in the Face of Cancer

Millions of us are living in the shadow of cancer. Some are hoping to beat the odds and become cancer-free, while others know they are facing cancer for the long haul. And even more of us are standing by someone with a cancer diagnosis and feeling helpless as we grapple with the uncertainty it brings.

Whether the cancer is considered “in remission,” “cured,” or “chronic,” it is possible to find peace as we face it.

In this beautiful, giftable book, cancer patient advocate Lynn Eib shares how to live well from the moment of diagnosis through the rest of life. She weaves the story of her own experience as a long-time cancer survivor and those of others around the world into these hope-filled pages. You’ll discover how to bring God’s peace into your own home and heart―regardless of your or your loved one’s medical prognosis. (Deluxe LeatherLike binding.)

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3 thoughts on “Peace in the Face of Cancer

  1. A Gift for my Husband My husband has non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma that we recently found out has metastasized to his brain. I bought this before we found out about it being in his brain. He was preparing to have stem-cell therapy and he was scared. So I bought this book to help him because he was so down.He loves this book. He said this author really understands what he’s going through: the thoughts, fears, frustrations, anger, etc. This book has brought him a lot of comfort and he takes it everywhere he…

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