[What Is the Controversy Over Stem Cell Research?] (By: Isabel Thomas) [published: January, 2012]

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Phytoscience PhytoScience 12 Packs PhytoCellTech Double StemCell Apple & Grape Swiss Quality Formula

What is live cell therapy? live cell therapy helps to repair and regenerate human body cell, and therefore enhances immunity. Cell degeneration causes ageing in human, therefore by delivering energy from live cells to ageing cells, it keeps human body young and healthy. what is double stemcell? phytocelltm double stemcell contains different types of plant cell combinations by swiss phyto stem cell technologies – phytocelltectm malusdomestica (apple stem cell) and phytocelltectm solar vitis (grape stem cell), and is further enriched with nutrient-rich acai berry and blueberry. It nourishes your skin from the inner level to give you a significant and effective result. Double stemcell also rejuvenates and activates body cells to raise energy and improve vitality. It is a safe, natural and convenient product for both women and men. featured info: utilizes exclusively two different types of plant stem cells – apple stem cell and grape stem cell unique formula – ensures the product delivers maximum effect originally imported from swiss – apple stem cell and grape stem cell high bioactivity – the advanced phytocelltectm extraction delays ageing process enhances health and vitality repairs and rejuvenates cell maintains acid-base balance within body anti-oxidation boosts immune system

Product Features

  • Utilizes exclusively two different types of plant stem cells – apple stem cell and grape stem cell
  • Swiss formula – ensures the product delivers maximum effect. Originally imported from swiss – apple stem cell and grape stem cell
  • High bioactivity – the advanced phytocelltectm extraction.
  • Delays ageing process. Enhances health and vitality. Repairs and rejuvenates cell
  • Maintains acid-base balance within body. Anti-oxidation. Boosts immune system

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Stem Cells Saved My Life: How to be Next

Stem cells and stem cell therapy! Many believe that stem cell therapy may lie somewhere in the future. That is not the case, and I am living proof that stem cell therapies are already available. They are repairing hearts, rebuilding livers, assisting in the cure of cancer and a multitude of other diseases. Popular broadcast and print media led me to believe that stem cell therapy is a long way off, held back by presidential order and political factions. I am one of the lucky ones. I found my way into a stem cell clinical trial that repaired my badly damaged heart and restored my life after I had come too close to death for comfort. There were only 24 of us in the Phase I stem cell clinical trial. We had all come for the same purpose; to ease the frightening pain in our chests and to try to stay alive. We were just a few of the tens of millions of people with similar problems who would ultimately benefit if the therapy under test proved to be successful. All 24 patients were very lucky to be selected for the pioneering stem cell clinical trial. In current medical practice, patients with such severe heart disease suffer episodes of severe heart pain (angina) and die slow deaths from congestive heart failure, their lungs filling with blood that their weakened hearts could not pump out to their bodies. We no longer face this grim prospect because of the amazing capabilities of stem cells. Uniquely, they can multiply themselves into large numbers and change themselves into any type of cells needed by the body, including brain cells, muscle tissue, and liver and kidney tissue.

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