Rs’ Science – 43-Piece All-in-One Microscope Slide Preparation Kit

Our Starter, All-In-One Microscope Slide Kit offering great value for money!

This quality microscope kit is a perfect comprehensive kit for microscopy, including staining and preparing your own samples.

This all-inclusive kit (43 pieces) is ideal if you’re just starting out and don’t want to spend a lot ordering things individually!.

Also a great gift for students, teachers, homeschool parents, and science Enthusiasts!

Our manual will show you 5 mini-projects:

  • Lesson-1. Prepare a working space and protect yourself
  • Lesson-2. Mount a slide & “Look at your cheek cells! ”
  • Lesson-3. Onion dissection & “Look at Plant Cells”
  • Lesson-4. Use Microtome & “Amazing crossection of plant stem”
  • Lesson-5. Microlife hunter & “A World in a Drop of Water”

  • Contains:

    • Microscope slides, 5 p.c.
    • Coverslips, 5 p.c.
    • Prepared Slides, 5 p.c.
    • Single-Well microscope slide
    • Slide Mailers
    • Handhold Microtome
    • Plastic Tweezers
    • Dissecting needle
    • Disposable pipets
    • Absorbent pads
    • Cotton tipped applicators, normal & Sterile package
    • Methylene blue in 10 mL dropper bottle
    • Eosin Y in 10 mL dropper bottle
    • Petri dish
    • 14 mL test tubes
    • Plastic dropper bottle, 30 mL
    • Lens papers
    • Gloves, Size M
    • User manual
    • Product Features

      • GREAT VALUE – Save you a lot of money and time. We have everything you need to make your own slides in one comprehensive tool set.
      • FOR PROFESSIONAL AND EDUCATIONAL – High quality items ideal for someone really want to master in slide preparation.
      • ALL ESSENTIAL – We hand-pick the essential stuffs based on 20 years experience working with biological microscopy.
      • TECHNICAL SUPPORT – We provide a User manual for you, including the information of the staining solutions, a Step-by-Step guide (with color pictures) of making your slides, and FIVE mini-projects so you can start with Confident.
      • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We want you to be 100% Satisfied with your purchase. Absolutely no risk. Give our product a try by ordering today.

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Stem Cell Research (Essential Viewpoints)

– Primary research and sources
– Maps
– Color images and historic documents
– Timelines
– Essential Facts
– Web sites
– Glossary
– Index

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Dr. Rader, familiar to millions as a respected medical expert on ABC-TV, reveals the astounding truth about the most extensive fetal stem cell trials ever conducted on human patients – mostly so – called “hopeless” cases.

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Product Features

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