NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Dual LED Student Microscope – 50+ pc Science Kit Includes Set of 10 Prepared Biological & 10 Blank Slides, Lab Shrimp Experiment, 10x-25x Optical Glass Lenses and More! (Silver)

Teach your child about the history of microscopes, proper slide preparation, biology and more!
Enjoy the thrill of discovery with National Geographic’s Dual Microscope Science Kit. More than a toy, this is a fascinating STEM learning activity that includes over 50 accessories and is the perfect introduction to microscopes. Featuring high-quality glass optics and powerful LED lights that illuminate slides from below and 3D objects from above, this microscope is the perfect tool for your budding scientist.

Kit includes:two sets of optical glass lenses providing 20x and 50x magnification, 10 prepared slides with a range of biological specimens, a slide storage box, 10 blank slides, 10 slide covers, 10 slide labels, brine shrimp eggs, brine shrimp hatchery station, tweezers and an eye dropper for slide prep, a Petri dish for plant labs, a mini geode, operating instructions and a fascinating Microscopes Learning Guide.

In the Brine Shrimp Experiment, students observe the life cycle of tiny ocean creatures. Detailed instructions lead the way as your child gains valuable hands-on experience in the scientific method, visual analysis, note-taking, scientific procedure and more. They could even share their results at the school science fair!

Examine the 10 professionally prepared slides that include specimens ranging from earthworms to muscle tissue to fungi and lichen. Compare the prepared slides to the slides you prepare using samples collected at home. Encourage your child to explore the world around them and take a closer look at everyday objects like leaves, potato chips, rocks and fingernails. Providing endless hours of fun, this kit is the perfect gift for boys and girls of all ages.

National Geographic supports this product with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. Join the millions of parents who have chosen National Geographic for award-winning educational gifts.

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Product Features

  • TWO MICROSCOPES IN ONE! Use the lower LED lights to view biological specimens on slides or switch over to the upper lights to examine 3D objects in intricate detail
  • INCLUDES OVER 50 ACCESSORIES! Explore our curated set of prepared slides using the detailed Learning Guide then create your own with reusable blank slides and covers, tweezers, eye dropper, Petri dish and more
  • SIMPLE YET POWERFUL learning tool that’s easy to operate, solidly constructed and comes with two sets of high-quality optical glass eyepieces for 20x and 50x magnification
  • COMPLETE BRINE SHRIMP EXPERIMENT including hatchery station, shrimp eggs, Petri dish and Lab Manual. Track the life cycle of brine shrimp!
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – For 129 years, National Geographic has been committed to providing fun and fascinating educational opportunities for children and stands behind this microscope with a two-year warranty.

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3 thoughts on “NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Dual LED Student Microscope – 50+ pc Science Kit Includes Set of 10 Prepared Biological & 10 Blank Slides, Lab Shrimp Experiment, 10x-25x Optical Glass Lenses and More! (Silver)

  1. Don’t buy until they fix the trans-illuminator! Please don’t buy this until they fix the transmitted light problem. As other reviewers have noted (and I should have heeded), the illuminator in the base, which is used for viewing microscope slides, is painfully bright and not well diffused. It is simply UNUSABLE for slides as shipped. The reflected light mode (i.e., looking at solid objects using the top light) is OK. The quick and dirty solution to the problem is to put a couple of layers of tissue paper under the ground glass…

  2. Surprisingly clear lenses for an inexpensive microscope! Requires 2 AA batteries. Great beginner set! National Geographic Dual Microscope has surprisingly clear lens for an inexpensive microscope. The microscope has 10x and 25x lens that are easy to exchange. You simply pull to remove the lens and the next lens slides in. The distance between the two heads is adjustable, but this does not have a Diopter adjustment. You do have the Coarse Focus knob to adjust the distance from the specimen you’re viewing. You have two different light sources, one from…

  3. Obviously was a returned item sold as new… Highly disappointed as this was obviously a returned item sold as new…it is missing the 10 slide covers much needed for our biology curriculum to study our own specimens. The bottle of brine shrimp eggs was almost empty. And it was apparent the lens had been used as the were already installed and their empty little baggies included in the box. We live in a very rural area so running into a large town to track down slide covers is definitely not a walk in the park.After looking at and…

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