Genius Games, Cytosis: A Cell Biology, Board Game

Cytosis is a worker placement game that takes place inside a human cell.
Players take turns placing flasks on available organelles within the cell. Placing a flask on an organelle allows a player to activate that organelle, to either (1) gain macromolecule resources or (2) take actions like using those resources to complete cell component cards, like enzymes, receptors, hormones.
The organelles a player can place on (such as the nucleus or mitochondria) and the macromolecule resources a player can collect (such as proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids) are accurate to the resources within an actual cell! The process players follow to build hormones, hormone receptors, and enzymes mimics actual processes a human cell goes through every day!
Some cell component cards combo with your cards for bonus points, or with others’ cards for even more points. All the while, players compete for limited space on each organelle!
Cytosis is great for your gaming group, game night with family and friends and the science classroom! Cytosis encourages strategic play, thoughtful timing of actions and critical resource management. All the concepts covered in Cytosis are concepts that would be introduced in a basic high school level biology course. And it does so in a way that is fun and intuitive for everyone!
Cytosis was created by a professor of game design who is also a chemical engineer and science teacher!
Genius Games is a STEM-centered publishing company that creates high-quality tabletop games and children’s books. We demystify intimidating concepts in the sciences through the thrill of play. We engage players in a lifelong process of inquiry by rewarding curiosity with fun.
Ages: 10+ Players: 2 – 5 Time: 60 – 90 mins
Science Concepts covered in Cytosis:
cell biology, nucleus, free ribosomes, smooth ER, rough ER, golgi apparatus, plasma membrane, mitochondria, enzymes, hormones, receptors, cell detoxification

Product Features

  • BIOLOGY BOARD GAME – Learn cell biology from a science game! Players build enzymes, hormones, and receptors and play with proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and DNA or mRNA just like in biology class.
  • STRATEGIC PLAY – A worker placement board game about the human cell with a level of strategy to engage an adult gamer, yet intuitive enough for kids 10 and up to play at home or in the classroom.
  • ACCURATE SCIENCE – All organelles, macromolecules and science vocabulary are concepts covered in high school biology class, making it one of the best educational games to aid science teachers.
  • WHO CAN PLAY – Perfect for the gamer, science class or family game night. Teachers, scientists, biologists, and students love playing this geeky science game; and it makes a great birthday surprise!
  • LEARN SCIENCE – Designed to teach cell biology and organelles like nucleus, rough ER, golgi, and mitochondria at middle school, high school or college levels. Complies with STEM and NGSS standards.

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2 thoughts on “Genius Games, Cytosis: A Cell Biology, Board Game

  1. For anyone really wanting to learn cell bio, Awesome! Great biology! VERY complicated game to learn, but you’re learning cell biology along the way. If you do not have some background in cell biology or have somebody with strong cell biology background playing with you, it is a very challenging way to learn on your own, but everything you need is here. For biologists or anyone who wants to learn some important basics of cell biology, the game is very clever and the steep learning curve is worth it. To learn cell biology takes hours and hours…

  2. Waterdeep of the cells! Cytosis is a game that I played recently at a local convention and just had to have afterward. Without knowing much of anything about cellular biology (Mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell!), this game was quick and easy to pick up. It has a really distinct feel to it, but a lot of the mechanics mirror one of my favorite worker placement games, Lords of Waterdeep. You collect protein and hormone cards (quests), some of which give you a bonus when you or anyone else completes a protein or…

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