Forzea Probiotic Skin Repairing and Anti-Aging Night Cream 1 fl oz (30 ml)

Forzea’s Intensive Probiotic Night Cream is virtually a miracle treatment for damaged skin. It also helps to protect healthy skin and reduce and slow the effects of aging, especially those due to exposure to environmental stressors such as air pollution, sun or wind damage and dry air.

One of the main benefits of Forzea’s Probiotic Night Cream is the probiotic biotechnology obtained from a lysate of Lactococcus lactis. In clinical studies the probiotic technology has been shown to result in the following benefits:

  • Induces production of key ingredients of skin quality and differentiation resulting in healthier skin
  • Improves keratinocyte cohesion resulting in a more robust skin barrier that protects the skin
  • Increases the production of antimicrobial peptides which fight harmful bacteria
  • Promotes skin renewal (old cells being replaced with newer/healthier cells)

The Forzea Probiotic cream contains additional high-end components that promote healthier and younger looking skin. It can help restore the lipid profile of skin so that it is similar to that of a healthy 22-year-old, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and increase hydration and radiance.

Although our Probiotic Night Cream is specifically formulated to be safe to use on the face, it can also be used on any skin surface including hands and feet which often sustain significant damage.

For best results, apply to the full face each night after cleansing the skin and allow it to work throughout the night. Skin may be cleansed and treated normally in the morning.

Our Probiotic Night Cream Works great in combination with Forzea’s Silky Anti-Aging Serum and our wrinkle reducing Eye Complex.

Product Features

  • Helps to renew and protect the skin through probiotic technology
  • Fights aging by promoting healthier skin and improving skin elasticity and firmness and makes skin more radiant
  • The L22 component works to balance the skin’s lipid profile, restoring it to levels similar to that of a healthy 22-year-old
  • Combats and counteracts environmental attacks from exposure to pollutants, UV and weather influences such as wind damage
  • Provides oxygen therapy for the skin and helps reduce fine-line wrinkles

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3 thoughts on “Forzea Probiotic Skin Repairing and Anti-Aging Night Cream 1 fl oz (30 ml)

  1. Great for sensitive skin! I have horribly sensitive skin, most products give me acne. This stuff is incredible. Light weight, yet feels like it is actually helping with dryness, wrinkles and etc. It left my skin feeling fantastic and no acne in site. I can generally only make it through half a bottle and my skin starts freaking out. This is my second bottle and a little bit goes a long way but I am SSOOOOO impressed with this product. If you are hesitating don’t! Get this on your skin now! It is a fantastic product I…

  2. When I buy a new product, I always plan on a week or two of bad skin while my body “adjusts” but that never happened with this product. Zero breakouts. No dryness. After about a week of use, I felt like my skin was so much softer. I found myself just tickling my jaw line to feel my baby soft skin. There is a slight fragrance, but it’s not bad and I just love that its gentle enough to use under my eyes as well. I started using it in the morning under my makeup and I had no problems with…

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