FidgetFidget Earbud Red Earbuds+Red Memory Foam

New Brand And High Quality

These Memory Foam tips come with a hole for a 4.9 mm speaker stem and will fit up to a 6 mm


Most information can be view in photoes.

Slow shape recovery nature which re-shape in 7s-10s after squeezing

Air holes made by Memory foam material which ensures maximum comfort inside your ear canal

Soft comfort , Stay In-Ear fit & Pressure less to the ears

A soft cylinder tube merge your earbud tightly.

Anti-sweat, anti-bacterial, Dirt-proof Material

High quality silicone earbuds, sound isolating design reduces ambient noise for high-intensity listening

Applicable Model: Beats Powerbeats 2 Powerbeats 3 Wireless Headphone

Package Included:4Pairs Earbuds + 3Pairs SML Memory Foam tip

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