Elenco Deluxe Solar Educational Kit | 3 X 1.5 Volt Solar Cells | 5 Volt DC Motor | Experiment with Solar Power | Study Alternative Energy

Elenco’s Solar Delux Education kit introduces users to a series of do-it-yourself experiments to acquire the basic knowledge of solar energy. They will learn how to make an electrical circuit, make a solar circuit, how to increase voltage and current, and how to use solar power to produce energy for a radio, calculator, battery charger, a cassette player and more! Comes with a 14-page instruction/experiment booklet, including info on increasing voltage and amperage, powering battery charges, radios, games, etc. Lots of science project potential.

Product Features

  • SOLAR CELLS drive your electrical experiments
  • 3 X 1.5 VOLT pre-mounted and wired on to one panel
  • SOLAR SCIENCE FAIR PROJECT – Terrific for STEM and STEAM curriculum and the study of Alternative Energy options
  • EVERYTHING NEEDED to complete projects included in 14 page illustrated instructional/educational manual
  • SNAP CIRCUITS, ELECTRONICS EXPLORATION KIT and ELENCO are trademarks of and copyrighted by Elenco Electronics, Inc.
  • For Nearly 50 years, Elenco has provided educational/STEM products, along with hobby and test equipment to schools and consumers. Elenco has been family owned and operated since 1972, founded by Gil Cecchin, an electrical engineer. Elenco’s pride is the award-winning SNAP CIRCUITS product line. SNAP CIRCUITS teaches kids to have fun learning electricity, engineering, circuitry and more. The SNAP CIRCUITS brand has been endorsed by educators globally and used in schools, libraries, museums, after-school and homeschool programs, STEM and Maker programs, and at home.

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2 thoughts on “Elenco Deluxe Solar Educational Kit | 3 X 1.5 Volt Solar Cells | 5 Volt DC Motor | Experiment with Solar Power | Study Alternative Energy

  1. Very Dissappointed I purchased this kit for my daughter’s science project. It comes with easy to follow instructions and several components. I was very disappointed when I connected the motor per instructions and it doesn’t spin at all. The light bulb doesn’t work either. The lil yellow music box works but I purchased the kit specifically for the windmill. Many people said the same thing in the reviews but I took a chance anyway. I just feel that the components need to be tested by the manufacturer before making…

  2. Wonderful. Purchased this as a gift for my 11 year old son who loves science. This kit was easy for him to operate and assemble. He has completed each of the projects on his own and all of the projects have worked. this has kept him occupied and off of video games for the past week witch is a major plus all of the components were ready to go with the exception of the cardboard pieces that must be cut out. The instructions included are very detailed and easy to follow. I would definitely purchase this…

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