My Book of Stem Cell Longevity Formulas and Nutraceutical AntiAging Combinations: Based on scientific research studies of foods, herbs and extracts proven to grow stem cells that extend lifespan

The previous 20 years has seen more research into foods, herbs and substances that extend lifespan than at any other time in history. Just recently most of this information has been made available. Explore for yourself how it all connects together in this outstanding publication.

Since the release of the article titled: Stem Cell Therapy in a Pill? by Life Extension Magazine, many people have wondered what Nutrients were used and how they can make their own to provide protection against cellular aging. This book lists at least 3 Stem Cell longevity formulas that anyone can prepare. By knowing what foods, herbs and extracts renew stem cells in the brain, blood, and other tissues, you hold the golden key to longevity.

This book focuses particular attention on Stem Cell Therapy and using it for Anti-Aging. Chapter 3 includes over 12 pages of what stem cells are and includes Nutraceutical combinations proven to grow new stem cells.

The Stem Cell Rebuilding Synergistic Combinations page includes the ground breaking natural stem cell formula covered in Life Extension magazine and explores synergistic techniques to enhance the effectiveness of the formula to create a simple, yet powerful stem cell anti-aging formula.

Chapter 11 includes a longevity stem cell formula discovered by Thomas E. Ichim that uses ellagic acid to enhance stem cells in the body.

Many people think that longevity foods taste bitter or are unpopular; this couldn’t be further from the truth. Learn for yourself why dark chocolate contains high levels of antioxidants, why honey is one of nature’s most powerful antibiotics and much more.
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Stem Cells: From Basic Research to Therapy, Volume 1: Basic Stem Cell Biology, Tissue Formation during Development, and Model Organisms

The first volume of Stem Cells deals with the fundamental principles that govern embryonic and somatic stem cell biology. Historically, the identification and characterization of such pathways and general rules of stemness occurred during embryonic development and Volume I reflects this with topics spanning cell cycle regulation, epigenetics, and asymmetric cell division in a number of organ systems from planarian to human. Three specific sections discuss i) Basic Stem Cell Biology, ii) Tissue Formation During Development, and iii) Model Organisms with particular emphasis on those more relevant for biomedical research and, thus, leading to the topics addressed in Volume II.

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Essentials of Stem Cell Biology, Second Edition

First developed as an accessible abridgement of the successful Handbook of Stem Cells, Essentials of Stem Cell Biology serves the needs of the evolving population of scientists, researchers, practitioners and students that are embracing the latest advances in stem cells. Representing the combined effort of seven editors and more than 200 scholars and scientists whose pioneering work has defined our understanding of stem cells, this book combines the prerequisites for a general understanding of adult and embryonic stem cells with a presentation by the world’s experts of the latest research information about specific organ systems. From basic biology/mechanisms, early development, ectoderm, mesoderm, endoderm, methods to application of stem cells to specific human diseases, regulation and ethics, and patient perspectives, no topic in the field of stem cells is left uncovered.

  • Selected for inclusion in Doody’s Core Titles 2013, an essential collection development tool for health sciences libraries
  • Contributions by Nobel Laureates and leading international investigators
  • Includes two entirely new chapters devoted exclusively to induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells written by the scientists who made the breakthrough
  • Edited by a world-renowned author and researcher to present a complete story of stem cells in research, in application, and as the subject of political debate
  • Presented in full color with glossary, highlighted terms, and bibliographic entries replacing references

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