A Roadmap to Nonhematopoietic Stem Cell-Based Therapeutics: From the Bench to the Clinic

A Roadmap to Non-hematopoietic Stem Cell-Based Therapeutics: From the Bench to the Clinic is a resource that provides an overview of the principles of stem cell therapy, the promises and challenges of using stem cells for treating various clinical conditions, and future perspectives. The overall goal is to facilitate the translation of basic research on stem cells to clinical applications. The properties of stem cells from various sources are reviewed and the advantages and disadvantages of each for clinical use are discussed. Modifying stem cell properties through preconditioning strategies using physical, chemical, genetic, and molecular manipulation to improve cell survival, increase cell differentiation potential, enhance production of paracrine factors, and facilitate homing to the site of injury or disease upon transplantation are reviewed. Various routes of stem cell administration and dosing, and the duration of effects, are explored. Individual chapters are written by experts in the field and focus on the use of stem cells in treating various degenerative diseases, autoimmune diseases, wound healing, cardiovascular disease, spinal cord injury, oral and dental diseases, and skeletal disorders. Finally, experts in the regulatory arena discuss mechanisms used in different countries for approving the use of stem cells to treat diseases and many common issues that are typically encountered while seeking approval for this class of therapeutic agent.

  • Offers advanced students, as well as new researchers, an overview of the principles of stem cell therapy
  • Discusses a wide array of pressing clinical issues with stem cell-based therapies so that new ideas in the laboratory can be efficiently translated to the clinic through better designed clinical trials
  • Helps clarify current regulatory mechanisms so that the safe use of stem cells for treating a variety of diseases can move forward
  • Fosters cross-disciplinary dialogue between research scientists and physicians to accelerate the safe implementation of efficacious cell therapies

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The Whistleblower

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Terapia con células madre: Una marea ascendente: Cómo las células madre están trastocando la medicina y cambiando vidas (Spanish Edition)

(Edición en blanco y negro)

Las células madre son las células que reparan su cuerpo. Cuando no hay suficientes o no funcionan correctamente, pueden manifestarse enfermedades crónicas y persistentes.

Desde líderes de la industria, estrellas del deporte e íconos de Hollywood hasta miles de personas comunes y corrientes, la terapia con células madre ha ayudado cuando la medicina convencional fracasó. Muchos de ellos habían perdido la esperanza. Estas son sus historias.

Neil H. Riordan, autor de MSC: Clinical Evidence Leading Medicine’s Next Frontier, el libro de texto decisivo sobre la terapia clínica con células madre, le ofrece un libro fácil de leer sobre cómo y por qué funcionan las células madre, y por qué son la ola del futuro.

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