My Extraordinary Demolition: Faith and Hope When Survival Seems Unlikely

“We have all heard the expression “life can change in an instant.” How true this became for me. By my age of 45, I had certainly run the full gamut of colds, flus, aches, pains, and viruses. I was quick to attribute three weeks of a low-grade fever and chills to some aggressive cootie slimed on a shopping cart handle by a snot-nosed ragamuffin. In retrospect, I should have recognized that this one was different. The typical flu-like symptoms were accompanied by an odd and scary shortness of breath. A week later was my next scheduled medical appointment. During that visit, I asked the doctor to study my blood counts closely. I returned home, lay down on the couch and slipped off to sleep. The phone rang. It was my doctor. He told me he knew why I felt sick, my white cell count well off the charts. Viewed under a microscope, my blood cells appeared grossly abnormal. None of this meant anything to me. I expected some rigorous course of antibiotics would be prescribed. Instead he said, “Ted, I am quite sure you have leukemia.” Boom. Hearing those words sent my heart into my stomach, that sick, sweaty, adrenalin release, my mind racing out of control. How bad is this? Can this be treated? My own “life can change in an instant” moment had struck. At 4 p.m., May 9th, 2005, the life I knew had ended. And so began my “Tedstrong” adventure.” My Extraordinary Demolition chronicles the author’s life as he fights for survival. The 123-page memoir is a powerful roller-coaster of deep emotion and humor. The book is not merely a “cookbook” for surviving leukemia, but rather an inspirational message applicable to virtually any struggle in life. A reader writes, “I didn’t like that the book had to end. I will miss that guy, Ted, that in a few short chapters became a very good friend, a confidant, a hero, and a soul-mate. People need to know what something like this feels like. There is strength. And love. And faith. And pain. And compassion. And wisdom.” A professional editor writes “Your compelling story and able delivery (in your fantastic, conversational writing style) remain riveting throughout.” Readers thus far offer this warning. “Don’t start the book too late in the evening because you will be unable to put it down.”

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Your Healthy Self: Optimizing Health, Brain Cells to Stem Cells

Regan Archibald wants to expand the way you look at your health and your life. “Your Healthy Self” will take you on a journey where you will be able to see that health and healing is a transformative process that can be multiplied every single day.

In this book, you will:

•Discover What Your Brain Needs Most for Optimal Health
•Understand the Importance of Timed Eating for Great Energy
•Learn What Is Required From You to Cultivate Abundant Health
•Explore How to End Pain and Extend Your Life With Stem Cells
•Get Tools to Align With Your Body’s Natural Circadian Rhythms

“Regan will provide you with radical medical breakthroughs that already exist for you to reverse aging and set you on a course that leads to health independence.”
— Naveen Jain, CEO & Founder of Viome, and Author of “Moonshots: Creating a World of Abundance”

“’Your Healthy Self’ provided me with an extreme depth of very practical wisdom and information. Regan Archibald’s perspective on how to be a healthy person using food, exercise, and a healthy mindset is extremely enlightened! It is wonderful to walk around feeling like I have a new brain that allows me to think clearly and remember details more quickly.”
— Marilyn Waller, The Waller Empowerment Advantage Coach

“This book will help you explore new ways of thinking about how long you want to live, and how to generate more energy, appreciation and love for the health you have. This book will be a go-to for anyone looking to push the biological limits.”
— Roy Krebs, CEO & Co-Founder of

Regan Archibald, Lac, CSSAc, Functional Medicine Provider, is the Founder of the award-winning clinic, East West Health, which has four clinics in the state of Utah that employ the best of both eastern and western trained doctors. He is also the Founder of Go Wellness, which is the industry leader in creating a new genre in healthcare with research-based programs in acupuncture, functional medicine, and stem cell therapy.

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Principles of Regenerative Medicine

Principles of Regenerative Medicine, Third Edition, details the technologies and advances applied in recent years to strategies for healing and generating tissue. Contributions from a stellar cast of researchers cover the biological and molecular basis of regenerative medicine, highlighting stem cells, wound healing and cell and tissue development. Advances in cell and tissue therapy, including replacement of tissues and organs damaged by disease and previously untreatable conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, liver disease and renal failure are also incorporated to provide a view to the future and framework for additional studies.

  • Comprehensively covers the interdisciplinary field of regenerative medicine with contributions from leaders in tissue engineering, cell and developmental biology, biomaterials sciences, nanotechnology, physics, chemistry, bioengineering and surgery
  • Includes new chapters devoted to iPS cells and other alternative sources for generating stem cells as written by the scientists who made the breakthroughs
  • Edited by a world-renowned team to present a complete story of the development and promise of regenerative medicine

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