Stem Cells (Hot Topics)

Young people today are inundated with information but often lack the tools for understanding the complex issues that stir public debate; this series provides clear, balanced, and thoughtful examination of the hot-button issues of the day.; This book offers a clear, comprehensive, and balanced discussion of the issues surrounding stem cell research. Abramovitz expertly explains the often complex science that underlies regenerative medicine. While this branch of science has promised to yield ; Carefully crafted narrative, fully documented primary and secondary source quotations, informative sidebars, and study questions all provide excellent starting points for research and discussion. Full-color photographs, maps, and charts enhance volumes in

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Stem Cells Using the Bodies Own Cells to Treat Injuries, Reverse Aging and Now Regrow Hair

Since the beginning of time, we have been looking for the fountain of youth. This has opened the doors for charlatans and con men, thought out the centuries, to separate us from our gold and silver, with promises of eternal youth. The prime example in the eighteen hundreds was the medicine wagons traveling across the parries, offering entertainment, and curing for everything from gout to baldness.

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