Be Natural Organics Pomme D’Or Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum 1 Oz (30 ml)

As part of Swiss Apple Stem Cell Collection, the Pomme D’Or Serum provides potent anti-aging benefits in a deceptively light fluid that quickly and easily sinks into the skin. A relatively recent discovery in the science of anti-aging, Swiss Apple Stem Cells have been proven to penetrate the skin and stimulate the skin’s own stem cells to regenerate and produce healthier cells that make skin resemble its younger self. This serum is the most potent delivery mechanism for the stem cells that we provide. It has added antioxidants, proteins, peptides and skin-plumping benefits as well. If you prefer another product regimen or have young, oily skin, you may choose to add this serum on its own to your existing skincare routine. Otherwise, consider using it along with the Pomme D’Or Cleansing Lotion and Anti-Aging Creme to reap the full benefits of the Swiss Apple Stem Cell technology. Swiss Apple Stem Cells – Formulated at the highest potency for maximum efficacy. They stimulate the skin’s own ability to repair itself. They contain a large number of proteins called epigenetic factors that encourage cells to rejuvenate damaged tissue. They also provide longevity and vitality to skin’s own stem cells while delaying and improving signs of age. Be Natural Organics’ Proprietary Base – Instead of just water as the base of this product, we use our certified organic plant base containing a potent amount of phytonutrients, amino acids, polysaccharides and antioxidants to intensify the nutritional benefits of this serum and boost the repair function of the skin. Acai Berries – Contain an immense amount of antioxidants which are the driving force behind the berries’ free-radical and age-defying powers. Sodium Hyaluronate – Abundant in the dermis of young skin, its presence declines greatly as we age. Visit for more information.

Product Features

  • Pomme D’Or Stem Cell Serum uses the highest concentrations of proteins, peptides and growth factors available. This award winning plant stem cell technology provides concentrated growth factors to renew skin’s youthful appearance.
  • This stem cell Serum is recommended for men and women of all skin types and can be combined with existing skin care regime.
  • Releases powerful antioxidants and phytonutrients to repair and protect skin from premature aging
  • Clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in 30 days
  • Visibly younger looking skin in two weeks and more results with continued use

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One thought on “Be Natural Organics Pomme D’Or Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum 1 Oz (30 ml)

  1. Reduce fine lines and visibly restore youthful appearance with this stem cell serum Unfortunately for me, turning 31 has been harder on my skin than any year for me – yikes! So I am definitely trying to make up for lost time – and by lost time, I mean – all the time I was not taking proper care of my skin through appropriate skincare routines. In addition to that, back when I was a teen, I was using harsh, chemical-laden products that were not doing me any favors – so now it is important for me to take better quality care of my skin. I received this beautiful Pomme D’Or…

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