Spinoff: Annual Report 2016

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The 2016 Spinoff volume features 52 technologies.  Each year, Spinoff features dozens of commercial products derived from NASA technology that are improving everything from medical care and software tools to agricultural production and vehicle efficiency.  The companies featured in this year’s publication span a broad range of industries and geographic locations, showing the diverse benefits our Nation enjoys from its investment in aeronautics and space missions.

Private industry manufacturers, scientists, inventors, operational improvement officers, American citizens, and students may be most interested in these NASA developments that impact human life.   Since this text is highly illustrated throughout, middle school through high school students could use this resource for classroom essays and undergraduate and graduate students could use this scientific resource for further research and development based on these featured technologies. Middle school, high school, academic, including community college, and public libraries will want to have this resource in their science and technology collections for patron use and research.
Other products produced by NASA can be found here: https://bookstore.gpo.gov/agency/550

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Andalou Naturals – Andalou Naturals Enlighten Serum Turmeric + C Brightening – 1.1 Oz – Pack Of 1

  • Regenerating Fruit Stem Cells
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  • Fruit Stem Cell Science
  • Renew
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How Does It Work?

Fruit Stem Cells

  • Renew Dormant Cells

Awakening cells to behave younger

  • Repair Damaged Cells

Increasing cell longevity and vitality

  • Regenerate Healthy Cells

Stimulating healthy cell production

BioActive 8 Berry Complex

Provides a potent portfolio of superfruit antioxidants; Certified Organic acai, aronia, bearberry, bilberry, black elderberry, goji, rosehips, sea buckthorn, and bilberry fruit stem cells.

Certified Organic Aloe Vera

Soothes inflammation, oxygenates and hydrates, advances dermal delivery and absorption of active ingredients.

Fruit Stem Cell Complex, turmeric, and vitamin C effectively light, tighten and brighten by targeting hyperpigmentation and UV damage, swiftly neutralizing free radicals, while activating collagen and elastin for even tone and a firmer, smoother complexion.

(Note: This Product Description Is Informational Only. Always Check The Actual Product Label In Your Possession For The Most Accurate Ingredient Information Before Use. For Any Health Or Dietary Related Matter Always Consult Your Doctor Before Use.) 859975002546
Pack Of: 1

Product Features

  • Health / Beauty/Facial Care
  • Andalou Naturals Enlighten Serum Turmeric + C Brightening – 1.1 Oz – Pack Of 1
  • Ship to US Only
  • Product by : Andalou Naturals
  • PID : 859975002546

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Programmed Cells from Basic Neuroscience to Therapy (Research and Perspectives in Neurosciences)

The recent advances in Programming Somatic Cell (PSC) including induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPS) and Induced Neuronal phenotypes (iN), has changed our experimental landscape and opened new possibilities. The advances in PSC have provided an important tool for the study of human neuronal function as well as neurodegenerative and neurodevelopmental diseases in live human neurons in a controlled environment. For example, reprogramming cells from patients with neurological diseases allows the study of molecular pathways particular to specific subtypes of neurons such as dopaminergic neurons in Parkinson’s Disease, Motor neurons for Amyolateral Sclerosis or myelin for Multiple Sclerosis. Detecting disease-specific molecular signatures in live human brain cells, opens possibilities for early intervention therapies and new diagnostic tools. Importantly, once the neurological neural phenotype is detected in vitro, the so-called “disease-in-a-dish” approach allows for the screening of drugs that can ameliorate the disease-specific phenotype. New therapeutic drugs could either act on generalized pathways in all patients or be patient-specific and used in a personalized medicine approach. However, there are a number of pressing issues that need to be addressed and resolved before PSC technology can be extensively used for clinically relevant modeling of neurological diseases. Among these issues are the variability in PSC generation methods, variability between individuals, epigenetic/genetic instability and the ability to obtain disease-relevant subtypes of neurons . Current protocols for differentiating PSC into specific subtypes of neurons are under development, but more and better protocols are needed. Understanding the molecular pathways involved in human neural differentiation will facilitate the development of methods and tools to enrich and monitor the generation of specific subtypes of neurons that would be more relevant in modeling different neurological diseases.

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