Cell and Tissue Culture: Stem Cell: Plant, Animal and Human cell and DNA cloning

Innovation is an important component for technology based modern teaching and research. In order to achieve this aim, the manuscript has been published for the teaching, researcher and research students in the area of cell and tissue culture as well as stem cell. Moderm technology based data on cell and tissue regeneration, tissue engineering, molecular and DNA cloning, cytokinin, gibberellin and abscissic acid, hormone’s effects on cell and tissue in plant, animal and human have been shown in this manuscript from research data. Moreover kinase enzyme and ABA effects on cancer cell growth and inhibition have been described well using different research data. In addition, application of Genetically modified organism (GMO) and Genetic engineering has been described well. Abscissic acid hormone and fresh olive extract are an effective for cell and tissue inhibition. From the data mentioned in this book, it can be believed that there would be a well prospect of ABA and fresh olive extract’s effect on cancer cell inhibition. Therefore we believed, this research data would be an innovative study in the field of inhibition of cancer cell for the academician, researcher and students.

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