Andalou Naturals Argan Oil + C Natural Glow 3 in 1 Treatment, 1.9 Ounce

Fruit stem cell complex and vitamin C blended with organic argan oil, rich in omega 3-6-9 fatty acids and vitamin E, provide a potent portfolio to deeply nourish and condition skin and hair.

Product Features

  • BRIGHTENING for Normal and Combination Skin
  • ARGAN OIL deeply nourishes and conditions.
  • VITAMIN C super antioxidants support skin’s vitality and complexion defense.
  • FRUIT STEM CELL SCIENCE captures nature’s intelligence in every product.
  • SUPERIOR SOURCE INGREDIENTS Non-GMO Project Verified, Gluten Free, Nature Derived, Sustainably Sourced, and always Cruelty Free.

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2 thoughts on “Andalou Naturals Argan Oil + C Natural Glow 3 in 1 Treatment, 1.9 Ounce

  1. Adds a nice glow to your skin I’ve been using this serum in the evenings when I come home from work and wash my face, and really like it so far. I picked it up based on the positive reviews it had received here, and like how it makes my skin glow.The scent is pretty strong at first and it feels pretty thick on the skin, but it dissipates pretty quickly.I also usually look at the Paula’s Choice Beautopedia site before purchasing skin care products to get their review, and here is what they say about…

  2. Best moisturizing oil ever This is absolutely AWESOME stuff! If you have dry skin, like almost all of us who live in Colorado do, this will do the trick! It really does give you a little glow (must help with circulation, my super dry, aging skin just loves it). It’s gentle enough to use around your eyes, too, and I have the world’s most sensitive skin. Also awesome for growing healthy nails (just rub it on after you put it on your face, gets rid of peeling or splitting nails too, mine are pretty, stronger and thicker…

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