Daydream Education Biology Set of 13 Posters

These Biology posters are beautifully illustrated, colorful kids’ charts, containing attractive images and informative text. Printed on heavy duty 65lb high gloss paper measuring 33″ x 23.5″, the charts are highly readable from a distance. The educational posters can provide a solid foundation for students, to ensure that they fully understand a wide range of Science topics. The posters are designed to improve learning, help students to remember taught knowledge and provide helpful reference guides throughout lessons. The large wall charts are made of heavy duty gloss paper, with colorful images and concise information. Titles included in the set are: Cell Structures, Photosynthesis, DNA, Microscopy, Movement Across Membranes, The Heart and Blood, The Cell Cycle, Plant Transport, Enzymes, Genetic Engineering, Fighting Disease, Cell Organisation & Organ Systems and Classification of Living Organisms. Brought to you by Daydream Education, the No.1 provider of educational wall charts, helping students’ learning in schools for over 20 years!

Product Features

  • EDUCATIONAL CHARTS DESIGNED BY TEACHERS: Our set of 13 Biology posters help students to learn, engage and remember more information than ever before. Covering a range of core topics, these unique school posters can play a vital role in improving both students’ understanding and classroom décor.
  • SUPPLEMENT KNOWLEDGE: Our educational school posters are colorful, beautifully illustrated and contain a huge amount of valuable information. The set of 13 Biology posters are specifically designed to help students gain a greater understanding of complex topics. The wall charts are a great resource for Schools, Classrooms, Science Teachers, Students, Tutors, Home School Parents and Home School Kids.
  • MAKE LEARNING FUN: Engaging, clear and colorful designs and images create a fun learning environment in which students can excel. Our amazing wall posters can help to increase students’ interest towards Science, while recapping any key information they’ve been taught.
  • LARGE SIZE – IDEAL FOR READING FROM A DISTANCE: Our school wall charts are a generous size, measuring 33″ x 23.5″. This ensures that the posters are easily readable from a distance. Our educational posters are a fantastic way of brightening and decorating any classroom and can easily complement every type of learning environment.
  • FAST SHIPPING: ****SHIPS 5-10 BUSINESS DAYS**** After you have placed your order, the products will be delivered within 10 business days to your chosen address. Daydream Education is the No.1 provider of educational wall charts, helping students’ learning in schools for over 20 years!

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2 Packs of Andalou Naturals Argan And Omega Natural Glow 3 In 1 Treatment – 1.9 Fl Oz

Andalou Naturals Argan and Omega Natural Glow 3 in 1 Treatment Description:
Fruit Stem Cell Science
Regenerating Fruit Stem Cells
Renew Repair Regenerate
pH Balanced
Vegetarian and Cruelty Free
95% Certified Organic Ingredients

Andalou Naturals Advanced Fruit Stem Cell Science renews skin at the cellular level, blending nature and knowledge for visible Age-Defying results.

Renew Skin Vitality Repair Deep Dermal Damage
Regenerate Healthy Cells

BioActive 8 Berry Complex provides a potent portfolio of super antioxidants to combat environmental stressors, support cell turnover, increase collagen and elastin, and strengthen dermal immunity.

Organic Aloe Vera polysaccharides best prepare, soothe, oxygenate and replenish, providing the optimal dermal delivery for the active ingredients.

This ‘miracle in a bottle’ deeply nourishes with Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids for improved elasticity and dermal support. Fruit Stem Cells and BioActive 8 Berry Complex provide a potent portfolio of antioxidants to slow cellular damage and stimulate healthy cell renewal for a radiant complexion.

RESULTS: Nourishing

Free Of Sulfates, GMO, petrochemicals, phthalates, parabens, synthetic fragrance, colors and preservatives. Disclaimer These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Product Features

  • Renew Skin Vitality
  • Repair Deep Dermal Damage
  • Regenerate Healthy Cells
  • No Sulfates, GMO, petrochemicals, phthalates, parabens, synthetic fragrance, colors and preservatives

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Red Yarrow Wildflower Seeds Grow Stunning Perennial Herb Homeopathy bin206 (2,000 Seeds)

Terms and conditions, READ THIS PLEASE: Orders over $10 from this ad will be shipped with tracking, Otherwise: Seeds will be shipped economy/standard or first class 2-10 day shipping (NO TRACKING and no planting instructions to keep seed costs to the buyer low), in a ziplock baggie. Our goal is to save you money on quality seeds. We are responsible sellers, and we make sure our buyers are well taken care of. Shipped within 2 business days after payment. We are a seller that caters to experienced gardeners. (germination and plant care information is readily available online, but if you can’t find germinating and care instructions, please feel free to message us). Most of our listings include germination instructions, so we do not ship growing instructions. Multiple orders of a single item will be combined into 1 ziplock. We are not responsible for buyer germination success, seeds have been tested. Seed count is approximate, and packaged by weight. Seeds vary in size, weight is exact, and based upon empirical count, quantity is estimated. Liability of seller is limited to the cost of the item(s). Zellajake Farm and Garden: “Seeds for all your planting needs” since 2013

Product Features

  • Red Yarrow seeds! || FREE SHIPPING || NON GMO
  • An herbaceous, mat forming perennial growing to 3FT, depending on the specific variety or sub species. || Foliage remains low with most of the height obtained from the long flower stalks. The green-grey leaves are 9″ long with a bipinnate or tripinnate form and are covered in small hairs, which accentuate the feathery appearance of the foliage. The leaves at the base and up to the middle are the largest and they are arranged in a spiral around the stem.
  • The species name ‘millefolium’ is derived from the large number of segments in the foliage. The flowering period is from summer to autumn, with the red flowers appearing in flat clusters or corymbs at the top of the plant. || Yarrow germinates freely and can be sown at any time of year when conditions are suitable for growth. It is usually sown in late winter to early spring or late summer to autumn, when temperatures are around 70°F
  • Sow the seeds into cells or pots containing good quality seed compost. Sow on the surface and do not cover, as light aids germination of seeds.Water from the base of the tray. Place in a propagator or warm place, ideally at 70°F. Keep the compost moist but not wet at all times. Germination takes 5 to 10 days.
  • Prick out each seedling once it has its first set of “true” leaves, transplant into 3in pots or trays to grow on. Gradually acclimatise to outdoor conditions for 10 to 15 days before planting out after all risk of frost has passed. Transplant to full sun and light soil; if the soil is rich, the stems get floppy. Plant 12 to 24″ apart.

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